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Fort Worth Zoo

Oct 23, 2011 - 0 comments

We went to the zoo today. It was a perfect day to go. The weather was sunny and not too hot at all.  Bryan asked if this was the baby's first trip to the zoo and I think it was.

There were so many children there all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. I can't wait until next Halloween when the baby will be about 6 months old and we can take him/her all dressed up in a cute costume. Grant went with us too. He is such a good kid. I even gave him the option to go hang out with his friends instead of us and he still wanted to go with us. What 15 year old kid wants to be seen in public with his parents?

I only had a couple of bouts of nausea. The walking around in the fresh air was great it was enclosed areas that were hot and stinky that I had issues with. We drank plenty of water and even enjoyed some ice cream.

Bryan went grocery shopping right after we got home. It's so funny giving a guy a list. He got everything that was on the list and there were some items I wasn't specific about (which is my fault) and he just interpreted the best way he knew and got the wrong thing. Again, it was my fault not being specific so I wasn't upset. I just laughed :)  I wanted to go with him but he told me to stay at home and sit!

I made chicken spaghetti for dinner after he got home with some of the things I needed to make it and I know we'll be having it again because there was so much left over.

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