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Game Changer:  Advisory Committee Recommends HPV Vaccination for Boys

Oct 27, 2011 - 14 comments







Cervical Cancer


Genital Warts










The week of October 24 the highly influential U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended HPV vaccination of boys ages 11 and 12, and “catch up” vaccination for males ages 13-21 who have not previously been vaccinated.  The Committee specifically recommended the “quadrivalent” vaccine (Gardasil®), which prevents infection with the two most common cancer-causing HPV strains (HPV 16 and 18) and the types responsible for 90% of genital warts (HPV 6 and 11).  The bivalent vaccine, Cervarix®, has not been studied in males but remains an option for females if HPV 6 and 11 are not serious concerns.

While the basis of the vaccine is recent studies demonstrating that males who received the vaccine are at reduced risk for anal and throat cancers, studies also show that the quadrivalent vaccine reduces risk of genital warts in males and, in theory, may reduce the risk of acquiring infections which could then be transmitted to sex partners.   The Committee specifically recognized that one benefit of immunizing boys is to help prevent infection in exposed girls and women who have not been vaccinated themselves.  Committee approval usually is accepted as the basis for formal guidance by CDC itself and other professional agencies. In addition, private health insurance companies typically will cover immunization recommended by the Advisory Committee but may not pay if a vaccine has not been formally recommended. The ACIP had previously stated that the vaccine could be used for males but had not formally recommended it.  A further benefit of the new recommendation is that approval for males may increase HPV vaccine uptake by girls and women.  Many experts believe that the different emphasis on immunizing girls and boys been confusing to doctors, their patients, and young persons’ parents, perhaps causing reduced immunization of girls.  

While many questions remain about HPV and its relationship to various kinds of cancer, the quadrivalent vaccine is now proven safe and effective and has been enthusiastically endorsed by many health care providers and public health agencies.  We add our strong personal endorsement of routine HPV immunization of all young people before they become sexually active, plus catch-up vaccination of young people who have already begun sexual activity.

Edward W.  Hook III, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD

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by Pam, Oct 27, 2011
Thank you so much for your recommendation!  As the parent of a pre-teen boy, I wondered if this was something I should be considering.  I always worry that vaccines may cause more harm than good, given everything we see on the news, but your article and your reputation gives me the confidence to ask my son's pediatrician to give him the vaccine during his next physical early next year.    I also have a young daughter (4 yrs) and I hope all the Mom's of boys will take this as seriously as the Mom's of pre-teen girls have.  If we can help erradicate cervical cancer it will be wonderful.  


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by wethecom, Nov 09, 2011
obvious that im not allowed to post to this site and medhelp supports scams and is not for the benefit of the people and part of the problem

and that comment is an exact copy found on other site to promote this lie


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by katscan1234, Nov 09, 2011
Thanks for sharing this information, Dr. Hook and Dr. Handsfield. And Pam, I couldn't agree more with you! We need to protect ALL young people from HPV, as well as work together to reduce cervical cancer rates. The approval of this vaccine allows sexually-active males (and their parents) to do their part in protecting against the spread of HPV and genital warts, as well as reduce the incidence of a serious type of cancer.

In cases like these, I often think, what if the tables were turned, and scientists discovered a way to protect against, say prostate cancer or testicular cancer, AND at the same time to reduce the transmission of an STD? Wouldn't we all approve? Might this even be made mandatory by our (male-majority) policy-makers? Anyway, I appreciate you sharing this information and your expert opinion, Drs. Hook and Handsfield.


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by Jominan, Nov 09, 2011
This vaccine has not been proven safe over a long period of time and I think it is ludicrous to vaccinate children until its safety is proven.  I cannot believe a web site that is supposed to help people would even publish something like this.  The secret to not spreading STD is....................educate, educate, educate while they are young.  Shots, shots, shots, isn't the answer.  Educate.  Educate.  Educate.

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by matt41997, Nov 09, 2011
Thats just silly - vaccination is hugely successful - how do you think they wiped out small pox? Modern medicine is the reason so many of us live longer and healthier lives, this is just another way in which it is helping. My only question would be - what are the chances of developing a super vaccine that takes care of many other diseases at the same time?

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by Healthy_ppl, Nov 10, 2011
All comments should be free for all to speak their side and make a free will choice.

The cause of MANY disorders is in no way form a "quadrivalent” vaccine (Gardasil)" deficiency. Just like a headache is in no way related to an aspirin deficiency.

I suggest b4 partaking of any lab based chemicals and or synthetic derivatives as a treatment, go to as many web sites as possible (even the CDC) and look for he ingredient lists of these man made concoctions.

There are a lot of pros and cons to all things. But to get a pro or con from either side, most cherry pick the data to justify their position.

Get a complete list of the ways and means of how these “cures / deterrents” are produced and ask your self. “Do I want this or that in my body”. Just because one may say its safe. Only means it safe per law not safe per your body.. IE : Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Thimerosal (mercury). The list the CDC offers is by far incomplete. Even the Alum has additional materials in it that are unknown. To get a few for each and every listed ingredient, look up what it does in the body. Then make your own choice. Always read the “reference” citation material from all sites one may visit. Visit links below


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by Healthy_ppl, Nov 10, 2011
BTY, claiming small pox was wiped out? Only in the "legal sense" 1. S.Pox is making a come back in some places in the world, there is some that believe small pox (unable to 100 % prove it) has mutated and is still prevalent in branched out forms that has been classed (by medical man) under different names. One "cure" create a slew of more ailment. A never ending cycle.

2. No illness will go away unless the true "cause" is addressed. The ailment / dis-ease will find another way to manifest its-self, today, next week, in 20 years, but it will return, some day, in some way. To say an ailment has been eradicated one decade, and then in the year 2011 we have 1000's new ailments that never existed 100 years ago..Yesterdays dis-ease's took new turns for new names and new drugs. The medical industry makes no $$$ off healthy ppl. (that's a topic for another time).

3. The US holds the record for the most fed but worst fed nation in the world. In ratio we are the least healthiest nation based on the technological advancement. We have more aliments today in contrast than we did 100 years ago.

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by Keelo804, Nov 12, 2011
Yo healthy_ppl, what the heck is a dis-ease? it's one word genius...i think you're getting a little carried away with the conspiracy theories, man...yeah sure the medical industry does do some shady stuff, but come off it guy...do you really think that by not taking vaccines and medicines you can stop new DISEASES (see) from evolving? or old ones from returning even nastier than before? apparently you have a VERY limited understanding of microbiology...viruses and other pathogens reproduce and evolve exponentially faster than any other organisms on the planet...a single bacteria will have  reproduced billions of times before a human child even speaks their first word...not to mention that bacterium can also exchange DNA through cellular conjugation, or have that DNA altered by environmental factors...different species of animals belonging to the same genus can inter-breed and so it is with bacteria as well...the list goes on and on...

More ailments today than 100 years ago? what planet do you live on? we KNOW OF more diseases today because of the huge advances in medical technology that have only occurred in the last 30 or so years...i'd be more concerned about humans accidentally creating new super-bugs by genetically altering bacteria and viruses on purpose...after all, scientists basically created an entirely new strain of bacteria in a lab just last year
(take a look---http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/21/science/21cell.html)...but i will stop ranting now and leave you alone...

P.S. you need to retake 6th grade English...moron...
P.P.S. developing resistance to current treatments isn't the only way pathogens become more deadly...

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by Keelo804, Nov 12, 2011
oh and to Jominan...kids these days are too stupid to understand the consequences of these actions, unfortunately...you can lead a horse to water..........

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 05, 2012
been a whooping cough epidemic  this year....in the children who were vaccinated ...I agree with Jominam

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by hartypotter18, Aug 03, 2014
Dear Dr,
I shall be very thankful if you can reply on my problem.  I'm from india, I'm not married but I have been sexually active from past 18 month. Had oral, foreplay and vaginal sex many times with transgenders, female sex workers, cross dressers and even with gay men. I never had anal sex. As far as I can remember all that activities are of protected by the condom which is  given by them. I don't have any idea about either of our hiv status even before and after the intercourse,  but since all are prostitutes and in india it's not mandatory for hiv screening and  also its illegal to get into prostitution, hope a majority of them would be hiv positive,  it is my perception. Every time I had oral or vaginal sex and when my penis is out from vagina or mouth, condom is still on to my penis, but I'm not sure where it had any breaks or bursts during or after sex, but I remember that I can see the semen present in the condom, but I'm not sure whether there were any leaks in it during the sex. I never checked the condom for breaks or holes after sex. I'm worried. I have not taken any tests till now. I'm feeling bad for what I have done and I don't want to repeat the same.  I'm young and not yet married. What my risk?  Can I still marry and lead a normal healthy and good sex life and can I have health children? ?
I'm not comfortable to go out for testing, I'm feeling shame and insecure.  Especially in India it's considered very bad character if someone involves in sexual activities before marriage. I'm feeling very disturbed. Please help.

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by 91neha, Nov 08, 2014

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by lucy122500, Dec 18, 2014
So I just randomly decided to check myself out (im a 21 yr old female) and I noticed I have brown discoloration around my vaginal area and a brown mole a little above the discoloration. Any idea? I'm freaking out. I'm almost positive it just recently came up even though I've been celibate for a year and never had any problems before.

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by Zoha_usa, Jun 09, 2016
Hi ..I'm 26 yr old male.. I got pimples on penis foreskin.. since 6months

Should I consult dermatologist or urologist ??

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