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Oct 28, 2011 - 2 comments

When I was at the MS dinner the other day, I stopped and spoke with the drug reps who were there. First, I stopped by the Pfizer table and talked to the nurse about Rebif. She asked me what I'm on... nothing. She asked if my neurologist doesn't think I need anything. I told her that it's not that, my neurologist just switched practices and is kind of busy (treating patients at her new pain clinic, I did not say), that she is maybe more focused on herself than on treating patients. (She's always advertising her lectures--she invites me to them after I have just gotten through telling her I am frustrated that I cannot go anywhere or do anything because I am too sick.)

I said it kind of ruefully, jokingly, like "oh well," but I was obviously was not joking. I said that it is okay, because I will see an MS specialist next week. She asked who, and she said he is a good doctor. She was kind of blase. She ask who I have now, and I told her.

She eyes narrowed, and her mouth twisted with annoyance. She physically took a step back. Maybe in revulsion, haha. She said that she is very familiar with that neuro, and that it is good that I am switching. She said that she has worked with her on many patients... Then she bit her tongue.

Well... I know that neuro is erratic and unethical, but now I have had three medical professionals tell me that switching from her is a good idea. Of course I want to! Too bad I had to wait TWO MONTHS to get into the MS Center. Better be worth it!

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by LisaJF, Oct 28, 2011
I believe it will be worth it!  And I'm glad you're firing that old Neurologist.  Any doctor who leaves patients feeling like they are the least priority...well....let's just say, good riddance!

I have hope for you!


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by Lulu54, Oct 28, 2011
Yep - the best references you can get for medical personnel is from other people in  the same medical field.  They know the good from the less than desirable.  

Good luck with the new person!

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