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Feeling not so good :(

Nov 07, 2011 - 0 comments

Well it seems im having a bad flu. Im achy all over sneezing , watery eyes, slight fever and everthing that goes with it. Hope i better soon cause its affect me really bad at work and i have no more sick days left for the year. Hope baby is coping.

I have everything ready for baby before the christmas rush im so excited, just praying and trust God that baby will atleast make it to 7 month plus. Im scared because of my constant walking and doing stuff will cause me to go into labor early. Hope she will be able to saty in til atleast 6 of dec when im in the 7th month.

trying to keep ma chores to mininium.

Baby is fine kicking rolling and causing me discomfort:) but i like it atleast i know she is ok and doing great.

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