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Todays word

Nov 17, 2011 - 0 comments

We r not only sinners we have also been sinned against. We go to God with alot of baggage,the word is who the son sets free is free indeed. The question is how do u get indeed free instead of in theory free? Many of us r sinners but we have also been sinned against which builds personal issues which makes us think and act a certain way that sometimes make us think WILL GOD FORGIVE ME FOR ALL THAT OR AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM TO WELCOME INTO HIS KINGDOM.. The answer is Yes! Know that there is a difference in being SAVED AND BEING FREE! Don't get stuck in victimization to were u been stuck in being a victim for so long that u become a predator. These are ppl That were done wrong and Start to do to ppl what was done to them hating what they do but unable to stop it and it becomes your normal then u have a false perception of what is normal. These are ppl that wen u try to love then they fight u and wen they fright u u fight back and then they are ok because for them bad is normal. You will have to be transformed till u renew your mind and until u don't think growth is trading position with your predator...TD JAKES

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