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Dec 04, 2011 - 5 comments

For your pre-pregnancy weight and being pregnant with twins, you should aim for a weight gain of 20-30 lbs by 20 weeks, 30-46 lbs by 28 weeks, for a total of 40-56 lbs by 38 weeks, which is term for twins. This pattern and amount of weight gain is associated with the best growth for twins and the longest length of gestation. If you do not make the 20-week goal, then try to meet the 28-week goal. Beyond 28 weeks, your weight gain will have much less influence on your babies' growth and the length of the pregnancy. You have gained 15 pounds by 14 weeks, which is right on target!

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by journey2motherhood, Dec 04, 2011
Can I ask you what are you having for your meals? Snacks?  I'm trying to follow the book but I'm still reading through it.  Just trying to get some ideas and suggestions! Thanks Lala!

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by Pecas282, Dec 05, 2011
The above is what the author said on my personalized nutrition assessment in regards to my weight.  If you started your pregnancy at an average weight, you can follow the above guideline, too.

I think in the first trimester the focus was on protein and high folic and fiber foods, such as veggies and lentils. When you get to the second, the emphasis seems to be calcium, protein and iron. She wrote me my assessment at 15 weeks. *
Anyway,  she says dairy before bedtime is a must for your babies to be a healthy weight at birth and that dairy will help you sleep, and will feed babies all night because dairy digests slowly. She even says premium ice cream is "perfect." I usually do yogurt.

She said ALWAYS combine protein and complex carbs for your snacks. And says we should try to eat every two hours and that our snacks should be like mini meals. She says carrot sticks and celery doesn't count as our “mini meal snacks.” Sometimes I'm just not hungry, so I’ll have a hunk of cheese, or a yogurt. I guess that doesn't count as a good mini meal, but she also suggests lots of fruit, so we have to get it in sometime!*

Here are my “mini meals”:

1) A cup of lentils or beans mixed with organic chunky salsa and a little cheese for an easy and fast lentil chili.
2) Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread. (If I was in the US I would do low sugar or organic peanut butter and organic no sugar added jam. They don’t have much to offer in Uruguay.)
3) Chicken breast and a slice of mozzarella with mustard on whole grain bread.
4) A bowl of high fiber no added sugar cereal with milk.
5) Whole grain soft tortilla with salsa, beans, and cheese melted in the microwave.
5) A dark green salad with tuna or lentils.
6) Melted cheese and tomato on whole grain.

She wants me to eat red meat at BOTH lunch and at dinner. She is HUGE on iron with multiples! I usually find red meat twice a day impossible, but I to try to get it in at least every two days. You can get it in with pasta and tomato meat sauce, which she likes for me, too.

I normally eat a lot, and was sure I would be gaining too much weight before getting pregnant. Now I think I would have gained the healthy minimum if I was having a singleton. With twins, I am TRYING to eat, which in my pre-pregnancy life was NEVER a problem! That said, since being with multiples, I could now care less about gaining weight that will be hard to take off.  In the first trimester I was always hungry but not so much now. Anyway I feel like I have been eating TONS regardless, and what I would consider fattening in my old life, but with it all, I am only gaining about a pound and a half a week in the second trimester, which is perfect.  

Glad to help! Anytime!


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by journey2motherhood, Dec 05, 2011
Wow thank you! I'm going to ask for an personalize assessment  as well.  I think it would be very helpful.  I'm not a huge eater to begin and being naseous all day doesn't help.  I've gained about 7 lbs so far not sure if that is good or bad.  But thank you for all your suggestions and ideas!! This is a huge help. Joann

1141709 tn?1329402332
by Pecas282, Dec 06, 2011

For the consolation, it's 50 bucks to sign up from her website and you'll receive a detailed response to the questionnaires.  Then after, and throughout your pregnancy, you can ask her questions via-email anytime. (drbarbaralukedotcom)

Seven pounds is fine by 10 weeks. Just aim for 24 by 24 weeks, and when you can eat now, try to focus on higher calories in small amounts.  She said the most important weight for us is between 20-25 weeks (I'm not sure of the exact weeks). Also once you are feeling better you will catch up.  Can you stomach smoothies???? She'll give you advice about the remainder of your first trimester.

I was nauseated in the first trimester up until 15 weeks. I didn't vomit, but was nauseated most of the time. Fortunately I am one of those people who CAN eat while nauseated, though, That said, my tastes were limited, and so I stuck to lots of whole grain crackers, chicken breast, and TONS of soups, and I ate pickles and V8 juices. I actually gained about  7 of my first 15 pounds before 6 weeks pregnant from nervous eating! She told me I could count it:)

Also I don't know if I mentioned it, but we have a forum for IVF-ers Due in Spring 2012. We are a relatively small group with at least three twin pregnancies, and it's great because these are all mature  appreciative women who have been through many of the same struggles. We share great tips from things we've read, or from our doctors about certain tests,   certain symptoms, and medications, etc.

PS: it doesn't matter if your due date is in the early summer; no one cares. And besides as you know twin pregnancies deliver a few weeks earlier, but don't worry 37 weeks is fine.

More later...

xo lala

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by journey2motherhood, Dec 07, 2011
Thank you Lala!  Yes,  I haven't been vomiting, just nauseated all the time.  I've managed most of the times to eat my three meals, with snacks in between.  Sometimes lunch is harder and I don't finish everything but I usually have a snack about an hour later.  I will definitely do the assessment, I think it will be very helpful.  

Thanks for letting me know about the forum too, sounds like a good idea too!  It's nice to have each other during this time, the more the merrier!

ps - I've been having ice cream as one of my snacks - thank God I love ice cream!

xo Joann

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