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Social Security

Dec 05, 2011 - 1 comments

9am appt to determine if I am stll eligible to receive SSI.  They want to stop it.  I cannot possibly hold a job... I can barely hold a life.  Today is really bad.  I really feel completely crushed.

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by Linda458, Dec 05, 2011
And now its later in the day...
my mom sent me a 2 ft. fiber optic tree cuz i said i wasn't putting up a tree.  i know her heart was in the right place but it was like being guilted into putting up a tree.  amber did not help at all.

to back it up a bit.  as soon as i opened the shipping box and saw the tree it was instant increase on my depression.  i am sitting here with 9 goddamned staples in my leg and all i can think of it cutting again.  amber is so goddamned mean to me all the time.  i don't want to be here anymore.  my stomach feels beyond horrible, as ****** usual,  all i want to do is ****** sleep and that is the one thing i can't seem to do anymore.  i take my ambien and i'm lucky if i get 2 hours.  but omg just let me put something that i want to watch on tv and i'm comatose.  wtf is wrong with me?

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