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Dec.8, here we go again...

Dec 08, 2011 - 2 comments


"My headaches are all the time and they keep me from thinking clear, they are just constant and sometimes they are worse than others...sometimes a 10 and other times somewhere in between...they are hard to describe.  The vidodin worked for a long time actually.  My eyes hurt too, the headaches are right behind my eyes also."

Just want to run this by you....we have had a friend visiting this week.  Now we usually get along but I realized that It was fun when I was feeling really good for that weeks.

Yesterday I had a terrific headache and had pain in my neck...I felt awful all day.  I woke up this morning feeling so much better but I only spent maybe an hour around her this morning and my anxiety level was going through 'my' roof, and my headaches and neck pain started in again.

I can't always connect the dots but I was able to do it this time.  I am in my room while they are off doing something, thank God !!    I like her but I can't stand her.

She is very loud, talks a lot and disagrees with everything.....which didnt bother me when I was feeling better....but I am nuts now.  She does go home today so I can take care of myself.  I have been forgetting my meds and my routine too. I feel bad saying that because I really care for her.

Yes, I am in all-kinds-of-hurt type happiness.

I am not one to do journals.... I forget them, lose them, delete them, its very frustrating so I tend to stop for a long time, and then try i again only to reach the same results.

I am going to see what tomorrow brings plus I may try a journal,  I do feel different about it now, like i am doing it because I want to, not because I need to. This also interests me a lot.  Guess my brain reached out and finally caught long it doesn't let go.

Anyway, I have been alone now for about an hour, just me and my dog, Molly. So I am calming down a little... and, I like it like this!!!

So I am paying attention..

hugs, meg

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1394601 tn?1328032308
by Sumanadevii, Dec 11, 2011
Meg, fish and company always stink after three days.  I sort of like how it is done in Hawaii.  The host places a pineapple in the guests room....when that pineapple no longer looks fresh, it is a hint to get your bottom out of there.  A polite way yet gets the message across.

620048 tn?1358018235
by meg321, Dec 11, 2011
Wow, does everyone in Hawaii know that?   And do they still do that?  I will try that when my relatives visit from Hawaii...but they stay at my sister-in-law's because they know I don't always feel good.  Sweet, huh?

thanks, and you reminded me about my journal too..


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