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Dec 13, 2011 - 6 comments





6 weeks




whats wrong?


no sac


no baby

Im 6 weeks and no baby and no sac....whats wrong?

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by MeYeah, Dec 13, 2011
My only thought is that you aren't as far along as you think. Which is totally fine because the baby would only really appear in week 5 and usually the fetal pole and heartbeat aren't found until 5w5d or later.

So even if you are a few days off that would change everything.

I should be 9 weeks but my sac size is only 7 weeks so see how easy it is to be off and by a lot?

Don't worry yet. You are still super super early. I think you are just not as far along yet which is why it's not found yet. Next week you'll go in and hopefully your baby will be waiting for you winking at the Ultrasound.


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by kimmielou137, Dec 13, 2011
Thanks that make me feel so much better....but I know for sure my last cycle was around the 15 th of Nov....Im lost

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by hansen20, Dec 13, 2011
remember that the doctors go by the date of last period so thats 2 weeks added so if your 6 you would be in gestational age 4 weeks really. so i think you will be fine. lots of sticky baby dust!

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by MeYeah, Dec 14, 2011
yes but your ovulation date could be radically different month to month. If you ovulated even 4 days later than you think your baby could be younger. If your egg didnt implant for  a few days longer than the average that would impact it's age.

it's all variables that make huge difference.

If we went by my last menstral period i would already be: 10weeks 2days. I am barely 9 weeks tomorrow according to the baby size and 8 weeks according to sac size. so anything is possible.

stressing certainly won't help though. Good Luck to you.

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by hansen20, Dec 14, 2011
thats very true too. =)

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by princessren88, Dec 14, 2011
Going by my last period I would be a week ahead but I'm not I ovulated late so when I was supposed to be 7 weeks I was actually only 6 weeks. So if you just found out your pregnant you might only be 5 weeks right now. Next week you should know. But from my experience my doctor preferred doing an u/s at 7-8 weeks.

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