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Feel like I'm going mad!  :(

Dec 19, 2011 - 4 comments









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Well, for the last two days, I've felt my mood getting lower, but today has been HORRIBLE!

Feel sooooo depressed, no motivation, have done nothing, and have slept a lot.

So fed up :(

When I went to hospital for my scan on 14th, in clinic afterwards, I had a chat with the Doctor, and she said, it's been proven that post-natal depression can and does actually start during pregnancy.

I was so looking forward to being excited, blooming, and being so happy, so to feel like this is killing me, what's wrong with me?  I am happy to be having a baby, so why do I feel so desperately low?

Don't know how much more I can take.  I feel so alone :(

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1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Jan 06, 2012
Awee i get the same at times. Do you get depressed more than excited/happy?? I get that way because i dont know anyone here at all. I'm alone until my man comes off of work. . And when he's home by late he falls asleep. , :( so i've gotten into crying fits, meltdowns really bad as well

1715604 tn?1332089576
by NatM80, Jan 07, 2012
Lately, yes, I am very down.  Doc put me o Sertraline, an antidepressant but it made me feel awful, so  only took the one.  Going back to see them on Friday, so hopefully he'll come up with something else, cos I'm not taking any more of those tablets, they're bloody horrible!
Wish I felt better, this is such a happy time, so I hate feeling so low.  When I saw Consultant, he said post-natal depression can and does start during pregnancy - just my luck to get it!  I just hope they can do something, I can't feel like this till May!
I'm pretty isolated too, hubby at work, or doing his own thing like going out with his mates, and I'm miles away from friends/family, so it's not ideal when I feel like this, so I can totally understand how you feel :(
Everyone tells me to get out more, which is easy to say, but when you feel so down and depressed that's easier said than done isn't it??!!
Oh well, just fingers crossed I get some help soon b4 I go crazy lol!
Hope you're feeling better, it's awful feeling so alone isn't it? xxx

1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Jan 13, 2012
Yes it normally does mean you can get post partum Depression after baby. I had it bad after my last child. So far i'm doing better. So i'm hoping it goes away for both of us. And same here DH has his friends here but mine are all far and two are pregnant one due in May, two weeks before me. And the other in March. So they like me just kinda lay around and veg. . They live about hour away so i dont know anybody here at all. Just have myself as well. It does suck being all alone all day i look forward to the weekends when dh is home to spend time with him but when he's home he's glued to the Television set. :( how are you feeling now?. Also we found out we are having a boy too. His name will be Izaak Santiago. Or Izack not sure which spelling like better:)

1715604 tn?1332089576
by NatM80, Jan 14, 2012
Well, I went back to the hospital yesterday and they prescribed me a different class of anti-depressant.  Bloody hell, I really don't want to try it, not after the adverse reaction I had last time, but if I don't they'll give up on me if I don't accept their help.  No win situation!!

I find I'm much better when I've had a productive day, especially when I've been out and about, so I've been doing that, as well as starting my exercise regime again, and that's really lifted my mood.  Felt much better for over a week now, and I hope it continues cos I really don't want to take those pills!

Can you get out and about?  Your friends are a long way away, so I can imagine you feel very isolated.  My friends and family are about 1/2 hour away, and we're thinking of moving (need more space!!), so I'll be even further out, as you get more for your money the further out of town you move.  Don't know if that's the same for you over there?

Awwww, that's fantastic!  Did you want a boy, or girl?  I love the name Izack, whichever way you spell it.  I bet you were suprised tho, you thought you were having a girl didn't you?  I was sure I was having a girl too, so I was suprised, but pleased :)

Am getting a bit worried tho - I'm almost 24 weeks, and had started to feel flutters, especially when I was laid on the sofa the other night watching Mamma Mia!, he was dancing around like mad!  But, I've not felt anything since and am worried - Is that normal with a first child?


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