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Input please!!

Dec 19, 2011 - 5 comments

So I was just curious.  Sometimes after I ovulate I get really sore (sorry TMI) nipples and sometimes they're not sore at all.  I know I O every month because of temps and opk's.   So my question is... when I have super sore nipples could that mean my O was "better"?  It's probably a silly question and I apologize lol, but I was just curious.  Another thing is WHY do they get sore??

This IS never ending. :(
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334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Dec 19, 2011
I'm not really sure but I would think it all has to do with hormones. Maybe some months your hormones are a bit higher so your more sensitive. I am the same way, my boobs would feel different every O.. Fingers crossed you get a bfp!!

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Dec 19, 2011
Its just hormones.  I now get full on pregnancy symptoms around O time, and they hang around until AF.  I asked my Dr. who said it's pretty common.  I don't think you can have a better O at times then others.  

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Dec 19, 2011
okay ladies, thank you so much!!   :)

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Dec 19, 2011
It's caused by Estrogen that's release right before O.  Depending on how much Estrogen your body thinks it needs and how sensitive you are to it would determine how your body reacts.  I find that on the months that ovulation is more painful/noticeable I have a worse AF.  My doctor says it's all related.  I hope this helps! :)

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Dec 19, 2011
Thanks so much Heather, it really does.  Yeah some months when mine is worse so is the AF as well.  Weird how that happens. I always have a pretty painful O time anyways.  I guess I should be thankful to "feel" ovulation time as opposed to not knowing.  Thanks again! :)

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