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Breastfeeding Questions: Advice needed please

Dec 26, 2011 - 7 comments



advice needed

Adalyn is now 3 weeks old and is doing amazing!  She is such a laid back baby and I am so blessed!  My DD and DS both had colic that showed up around 3 weeks and had horrible problems with formula so I am so thankful that we are able to breastfeed Adalyn.

I have a few questions though that I am hoping there are some ladies out there that would be willing to help me out with.

Adalyn does latch but since she had low blood sugars after birth she took a bottle and would prefer that over the breast but I can get her to latch but she normally will fall asleep on me before she takes in a full feeding which in turn causes her to not empty the breast completely.  So I have been pumping mostly and giving her breast milk through a bottle which I am ok with since at least she is still getting the breast milk versus formula.  I would however like her to latch more though so when we are out and about it would be easier to just feed her versus wondering if I have a bottle pumped.

1. How can I get her to latch more and actually finish a feeding?

2. Will just pumping increase my supply?  Such as, will my body know to increase the supply when she picks up on how much she is taking?

3. At 3 weeks old, I am pumping around 2 oz per breast every 3 hours.  Is that normal or is that too little?  She takes the whole pumping (4 oz.) each feeding every 3 hours also.  So how can I start storing milk away when it seems like she is eating everything I am pumping?  

4. I have to go back to work the end of January so how do I start a stock pile of milk?

Any tips or advice you can share on breastfeeding would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance!


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1460967 tn?1512401138
by mlward3, Dec 26, 2011
I has a terrible time and was not successfull at it after about 3 weeks of trying!! I just was never able to make enough milk and it was just rough all around!! But I went to sooo many lactation appointments and learned soooo much so I would encourage you to maybe go to a consultation.... I know that there are some herbs that you can take that help you produce more milk that I took but it did more harm than good for me..I had latching problems from the start and a very impatient baby.... so I would end up breastfeeding, give formula supplement and then pump....ehhh it was bad!! But I remember the lady stressing that the only way really to keep your milk supply up is for her to breastfeed and empty, pumping is good but alll i ever heard her tell me was breast feed esclusively breast feed esculsively! Something with the brain and hormones are more stimulated with the baby at the breast!! Later once you get a good supply then I dont think you have to worry as much!! Sooo get her as uncomfortable as you can....strip her down get her cold stimulate her whatever you have to do to keep her awake! tickle her feet anything! Thats all I have for ya!! Ahhh and of course say well hydrated!!  I know nothing else about the rest of the questions but there is a breast feeding forum I think that is pretty good on here!! Good luck!!

982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, Dec 26, 2011
I will do my best to answer your questions as my little man is now 6months and I am still successfully breast feeding :)

1. I'm not sure if there is a way to wake her up... With breast feeding it is suppose to be feed on demand so you can't schedule it like you would with formula. You can get an idea but it often changes with their needs. I always found if I tickled his cheek he would stay awake. And she may be getting what she needs and that is why she is falling asleep. My baby only ever nursed on one side for a max of 7-10 minutes per a feeding and he now weighs 22lbs 5ozs. So he knew what he was doing :)

2. Pumping will increase your supply as well especially if you are pumping when she is hungry. That will increase your supply to her demand which a what you need to be doing.

3. 2 ozs per side is normal at that age. Remember their tummies are really small. I only bottle feed a couple times and didnt really pump so I never knew what he was getting but one time when he was 8weeks I fed him pumped milk at a wedding and nursed 2x as well that day/night and when I got home I pumped 3ozs per side.

4. I am sorry I can't help in this department. My milk supply was so large I was scared if I pumped it would increase it more and I didn't want that. I never had a stockpile :( but now he won't take a bottle at all so if your baby will take both you are lucky!!

Good luck and I hope I was able to help

1428239 tn?1333457053
by PetiteWonder, Dec 27, 2011
The best way to get her to latch more would be to have her at every feeding latch first.. you can have a bottle ready if necessary but try to do breast first then a bottle...  from the bottle she might be taking more than shen eeds because it is easier to get to.. nothing wrong with that necessary but 4 oz is plenty at 3 weeks out...  if she is falling sleep on the breast, she might be getting just what she needs...  my baby was alwasy a one side breast feeder for 10 mins in the beginning.. now sometimes during the day she does both breasts now ...  but if i were you, i would try latching her first at every feed... my baby falls asleep but still *****, there is two things i do to let her know she needs to suck.... the first thing is blow a bit on her ear and the other is kind of shake my breast lightly.. as soon as she starts sucking, i stop so she knows that thats what i want..

you can increase your supply by pumping.. when pumping once you stop seeing milk coming out pump for an additional minute, it will communicate to make more...  but be careful because if you make too much, you will be stuck pumping all the time to keep it up if its more than your baby needs...  whenever i pump which is rare, i always have over supply for a couple days.. sometimes chokes my little one

as i said 4 oz is plenty at 3 weeks, i dont bottle feed often so i honestly have no idea how much she eats in a single sitting but when she was left with a babysitter, i had 16 oz of BF and she had two feedings while we were gone and she had about 3 oz per feeding at 8 weeks.. maybe close to 4 at times....

i never stockpiled so i dont know.. many people pump after every feeding to built up their supply.. other people pump at night once the baby drops a night feeding.. since i only pump when i have places to be without hte baby, i usually pump at night because she does not eat much at night, she usually only takes 1breast at night so ill pump the other.. it works for me.. if i did it everynight, i could build up a supply rather quickly but it ***** getting up at times... i have thought about getting bags and builting up a little supply now ..  

1115543 tn?1376380638
by baby2929, Dec 27, 2011
The only advice I can offer on your whole situation is to get nipple guards if she seems to prefer the bottle, reason I even know this is my friend uses them as her DS prefers the silicon feeling in his mouth to the nipple and tends to feed better with them. You still get the closeness and sensation she says.

I hope you have had enough advice from the other ladies on the other matters, I think Ill probably be asking those questions too. Good luck and I hope you get the answers your looking for. :)

1366197 tn?1394587311
by JoJo629, Dec 27, 2011
Wow i learned alot from everyone's comments!  I dont have really anything to add, but i was going to say what Lianne said and get the nipple guard, it will feel more like a bottle for her.  (I bought one)

1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, Dec 28, 2011
there's a forum on here for breastfeeding. the ladies there are great and have helped me alot!

1424416 tn?1330949459
by chrissymom, Dec 28, 2011
You are doing really well, pumping more often and feeding her from the breast (first) will help your supply, it is difficult at first but you will find it gets easier, baby gets more milk from your breast than the pump does, dont ask me how but they can, so says my lactation consultant, if you look up the medela website hun they have some fabulous info on there about supply and demand, as well as feeding, if she latches, then latch her as often as you can, even if she falls asleep it is ok, the longer she is on the better, also breastfed babies tend to feed ALOT frquently so if she wants on let her, thats the way it goes to start lol, you are doing great though :D I would however advise against nipple shields, I tried them because my little one was nipping my nipple when latchin to start because he was a preemie and a bit small to start and i binned them after 5 mins :( they are completely useless and cause more problems than they solve. keep up the good work hun and I will be back when I have some more facts, well done you :) xx

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