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kids/and their crap!!

Dec 27, 2011 - 5 comments

This was my christmas gift, ( hay. dad! I am havivg a baby ) I think  I am to respond . Okay? who is the father. I am not going to tell you. Okay! Tx was kinder, are hay. dad could i just kick you , would have been nicer. thats why i live a way from them.

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by orphanedhawk, Dec 27, 2011
You'll get over it when this bubbly baby smiles at you.
Being a granddad you can spoil the little thing, and send them home.

Mine are far away too. Often, that's a good thing.

1636196 tn?1337801300
by Interfurgen, Dec 28, 2011
you are right ! I will love the grand child, but darn it !!! I am to young Only 29 .. are your sure, that they take them  home .. I think i read that they come back with more of them. Hey i went to school in your town. St Mary,then back  to UOP. so it my mommy that started it spoiling my kid, well she now a great nana, ha ha to her.

1420486 tn?1384793153
by blondie717, Jan 10, 2012
Well when it gets cr-ppy.  You can always laugh :-) about it. Hey have fun w/the grandchild. Hey my nephews were getting into it the other day an one of pulled out his shot gun ( to clean it, or so he says. Yea Right) So I go an take it and put a piece here and a piece there.) Then I went out side to read a book.  I heard thumping and yelling and banging. But I just ignored them.  You know  I don't need kids because I can just watch and listen to what happens to DEM DAT DID. LMFAO Happy New Year

1636196 tn?1337801300
by Interfurgen, Jan 11, 2012
your so right. Even now, with my neices/ nephews, I do enjoy the things I can teach them . Like the other day my sister got mad at me,and I just don't under why?? All I was doing was trying to teach them, how to make school money , and not deal drugs. The kids, at first like my plan, all I was doing. was just trying to get them out of house, and learn how too be resourceful. My thoughts ( At 35% ) was to sell cigarettes, coffee, and mountain Dew, to mormon kids, Oh they live in Uath.We had so much fun when they were out for christmas, until and adult got involve. We were just takeing a dummy and throwing it in front of cars. And you guess it pulling it back, after the car ran it down, and running away. Fun it got even funnyer , See i was playing it safe ( with my bad back, and all the side effcets from tx.) I was keeping point. Well , you not guess who was coming down the road. Me friend Mr. officer kelly, now the cute young-en did not know I knew Mr. Cop. So you guess it they threw the dummy in front of his car. I was running away before it hit the ground. I forgot to teach them about not ratting out thier, poor uncle. Yeah! the brats gave me way. So is this what you mean about sending them back to thier mummy,.

1420486 tn?1384793153
by blondie717, Jan 13, 2012
Gee, I thought not telling was an instinct heck I took some pot from my parents when I was in 2nd grade, and was also caught in 2nd grade with the dreadful weed.  They asked where I got it? In a field was my response.  They said to go home and tell my parents??? (yea right I put that right on the top of my list of things not to do) My fear kept me from going to school for the next 2 weeks. Then they caught me and my sister for truancy. At the end of the day , we got to go to Disneyland for not ratting out our parents??? Kewl.  Oh by the way in 2nd grade I was not smoking da wacky backy, just trying to show off to the other kids.
But man, the time I gave away 9 oz of me mummy's marijuana, (and she said she wouldn't get mad if I told her the truth..she asked questions like Did you sprinkle it on the grass? Did you hide it? Did you give it to your friends?) crap  so I told her I gave it to the babysitter;-o) And she told me to go get it back!! So like I'm only 9yrs old. I walk down the street and there are cops there and fire trucks and a ambulance. So I got scared and went back home (thinking they were in trouble for the pot, but actually they were pulling out of their driveway and were hit by another car and one died.) So for that one I did not get to go to Sea World.
Hmm interfurgen I knew of a officer kelly in your neck of da woods. Sure hope its not the same one :-)  Maybe you might want to rethink a way fer da kids to make school money? lmao.  Da other day one of the nephews asked me to go purchase spice aka K-5 or K-2. I told him if I were going to buy him anything it would be the pot and not the incense!!
And now I must get back to my presidential campaign.  Unfortunately now that I have given up a few of my diaper capers,  I will have run under "nutpea" :-0)  

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