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A new dog in my world ....!!

Dec 29, 2011 - 0 comments

We didnt plan on getting a new dog just yet but I had a little talk with God and asked him to look out for me and send me a sign..and a couple days before Christmas and I was looking at petfinder and the first pic to show up was a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a rescue dog.  She had been part of a puppy mill, mistreated & abused.  They fixed her up and since she was doing so well put her up for adoption...she could only guess at her age, between 5-8 yrs old.  They had to pull all but 4 teeth so without teeth its hard to tell.

She is a miracle !!  I have wanted a Cav.King Charles Spaniel for a very long time, but they are so expensive that I stopped thinking about hurt my heart otherwise.  And she is the best companion dog in the world...she is quiet, loving, a big-time lap dog.  She is already potty trained too...does not beg for food. And she sleeps on my bed with me.  I love her so much !

She is terrified of the stairs going to the downstairs part of the house....must be something else from her horrifying past, maybe they kept them in a basement or something that had down stairs.  Other than that she is changing every day by leaps and bounds.

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