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thinking about 6 months after tx

Dec 30, 2011 - 0 comments

Sitting here thinking about the future and wondering if anyone that has completed the riba/interferon/incevik has gotten to the 6 month point and what the results where. I try and keep a positive attitude but yet wondering how powerful these 3 drugs are and if they will really do the trick (I Pray so).
After the first relapse I cried for days I don't want to go through that again...I've gotten so tired of the past year and a half of putting poisons in my body to save my life and my future because of this decease.
I have had to stop doing a lot of things in my life that I so miss, and being alone has not helped it's taking me from my job and so much more and so this Hep C is not a way of life that I want to live. I need to changed this.
Maybe come next year I can some what get back on my feet, get back to work and let life begin again.

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