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34 weeks today. Have a question, (TMI) !!??

Jan 01, 2012 - 1 comments

Ok so today im 34 weeks, and i have a VERY strong feeling she's going to come early.
It's now 10.49pm on new years day and sat up in bed.

The past half an hour ive have 3 strong Braxton Hick contractions taking todays count to about 6-8!. I've been having then from about 28 weeks but they have never really bothered me, now they are quite painful and today have actually made me stop in my tracks!.
Also i've been having alot more discharge which is either creamy white or green and yesturday had a blob of clear egg white, today though nothing!. I've had today a few shooting pains that go down into my rectum and a couple in the vaginal area. My lower back have been quite achy this past week and a half and my energy levels have dropped so much, i pretty much have zero! lol.

This being my 1st pregnancy im not entirly sure if A. im just reading too much into things like you do when your in your TWW, or B. These are actually prelabour symptoms and there is a blinking good chance she is going to come sooner rather then later.....!!??

Tomorrow i shall be packing my hospital bag just incase!! lol.

Any other 1st timers around 34 weeks had/having anything like ive mentioned!!??

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by angelbabies, Jan 02, 2012
once babys head is down u can feel shooting pain down there, i sympathize coz its very uncomfortable! as long as ur bh arnt in any sort of pattern and will ease off with a bath, changing position, laying on ur left, drink water etc... you should be ok! i felt like that with my dd and she was full term! just take it easy :) x

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