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Jan 03, 2012 - 2 comments

Wow! Its taken me a long time to get back on here. My two older boys have been home on vacation so they have taken over my computer. This is the first time I've been able to use it in a while. I figured now is as good a time as ever to write the story of my son's, Daniel Aaron, birth.

As many of you know I decided on getting induced due to my doctor leaving on vacation and being told that my son was going to weigh at least 8 pounds. So on December 23 I arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am. Although I was preregistered it took a while for them to complete paperwork and get me set up with a room. After waiting for about 40 minutes, I was taken back to the room that I would remain in throughout the delivery process. Once there the nurse took my vitals, asked about a million questions, and just basically got me acquainted with everything about the room and the process. She did not want to check me because her shift was ending and she wanted the next shift's nurse to check me since she would be with me for the remainder of the day. So at about 7:30 the next nurse came into the room and checked me. I was still only dilated to 2 cm, which I was surprised about because for the whole week I had been doing as much as I could to get things going. She went off to call the dr so that she could get the approval to start the pitocin. At 8:30 the pitocin drip was started. My dr surprised everyone and showed up an hour later to check on me. I was still only dilated to 2 cm so he decided at that point to break my water. When this was done all I could do was laugh because between the checking and breaking the water the pain was unbearable. Laughing I guess was my way of avoiding the pain. I was shocked that my dr actually broke my water because for my other two births he waited until I was about 6 cm or roughly 12 hours into labor before he broke my water. I guess he was in a hurry to get this baby out. Well after about 2 hours (11:00 or so) the pain was excrutiating! I don't take pain well at all and at this point I couldn't handle it anymore, I was crying during every contraction and some curse words actually came out and I don't curse. I pleaded with my nurse to give me pain meds, but I knew my dr wouldn't approve because he doesn't allow epidurals until at least 5cm dilation and at this point I was only dilated to 3cm! I was freaking out because I didn't know how I was going to handle any more pain, especially since it was just going to get worse. My nurse called the dr anyway and she convinced him to allow me the epidural and he said that was his Xmas present to me! So at 3cm I was given my epidural and I was in heaven. So things continued to progress and I was able to relax and doze off from time to time. It was just my husband and I so it was pretty quiet and peaceful. Every now and again the nurse would come in and check me and to my surprise I was progressing very well, I was dilating very quickly or at least quicker than I ever have before. By 3 we were trying to guess the time I would give birth. I guessed by 7pm and everyone else guessed the next day. I was hoping it wouldn't take that long. Well by 5:45 I was already dilated to 9cm! I was shocked! The nurse called the dr and he came in right away. Even though I was 9 cm he said that it was very close to 10 cm so he had me begin pushing. I had absolutely no energy at this point and I was feeling very sick. I let everyone know that I wasn't feeling well, but they basically told me to suck it up and push. I did what I could, but within 10 minutes of pushing I threw up all over. This fit lasted a good 5 minutes. Once I was done I got a burst of energy and continued pushing. But about 15 minutes later I threw up again. The pushing started again then I threw up again. The dr was getting concerned about me, but he also knew that I had to get my baby out. So he kept encouraging me to push. I was doing my best but it didn't seem like I was doing much. Well the baby ended up getting stuck! His shoulder would not pass through. I kept pushing but it wouldn't budge. The dr was ready to get the forceps but finally I pushed with all my might and out he came. But it was silent...No crying...All I could hear was flatline. Get the NICU nurses here stat! Move him, suction him...Still no crying....I couldn't even see him....seconds seemed like minutes...then seconds turned into minutes...nothing...Finally a whimper...Next a weak cry...Then a scream. The nurses were able to get him breathing and crying. What I found out was that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and with him being stuck and me pushing the tighter it got. It cut off all circulation and made him actually stop breathing. I didn't even get to see him until about 10-15 minutes after he was born because they had to work on him and help him with his breathing. When I did get to see him I was shaking so bad that I couldn't even get to hold him. I was afraid I was going to drop him. In fact I didn't even hold him for the first 45-50 minutes because I was so cold and shaking uncontrollably. I was literally in and out of consciousness because of being so tired and stressed about it all. My family was there and they were talking around me but it seemed like I was far away and couldn't even talk to them. But when I did finally feel like myself and held my baby for the first time, all of the problems melted away. I was so happy to have him and to see that he was ok. My heart grew even bigger at that moment. Now when I look at him I just want to squeeze him and soak up all of his preciousness. My family is complete and my heart is happy.  Oh, and I was the closest on the time....I guessed 7pm and I had him at 6:58!

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1287276 tn?1357854419
by trustGodHeWilldoit, Jan 04, 2012
Beautiful birth story and a wonderful happy ending ..congratulations on the birth of yiy baby boy.. :)
my baby has the umbilical cord around his neck 3 times and I end up having a c-section that was worst scary moment of my life..
congratulations once again enjoy your baby..

1646392 tn?1333251893
by tryingfor1sttime815, Jan 14, 2012
Congrats to you!  So scary but with a great happy ending.  Glad you and baby are doing good.

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