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Feelin pretty

Oct 13, 2008 - 1 comments

Weight gain

I've put on some weight lately like another 15 pounds in a week. My hair is starting to fall out. My feiance Tony tells me im still beautiful and sexy to him and he still wants to marry me. I just dont feel beautiful. the great thing is we are waiting til we are married to have sex so I dont have to show any skins so I'm good. I use to be a size 5 at 125 pounds even after 4 kids now I im a size 12 to 14 at 165 pounds all with in 3 months time its amazing I dont even eat a lot and when I do its like a saucer size plate. I just feel uuuuugggg!! I know I shouldn't feel like this but I cant help it. I cant wear any clothes in my closet. I went to the hospital to see my uncle and the first thing everyone said was that "you have gotten big" "you have gotten fat" or "you gained a lot of weight" oh yeah and my personal favorite " you have goten healthy you eatin good".

I went to the mall to try on some clothes in JCPenny's couldn't fit a twelve in there, so I went to Ashley Stewarts to and couldn't fit anything in there either. So where in the sam smell do I fit in? (sam smell) is my version of cursing. Just truely fustrated.

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by Jules77733, Nov 10, 2008
I know the feeling...don't stress over it now, though, as that's the last thing your body needs. Just continue to eat as healthy as possible, and try to get some amount of exercise (cardio, especially) if you feel up to it. Even if it's just a walk around the block...I've found that I always feel better with some amount of exercise. Unfortunately, I can't handle all that much with my aching joints and weak muscles hahaha. The medication could be causing your weight gain, in which case it's going to be difficult to lose the weight while you're still on the medication...but being on the medication will be muuuuch better for you in the long run than being off of it.

Isn't being sick fun? NOT.

And the no sex before marriage, I'm very impressed and I wanted to let you know that I really admire the decision you both made! =)

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