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Sick....will this affect the transfer?

Jan 14, 2012 - 6 comments

Hi ladies....again, here I am asking for your advice...

I have my transfer Tuesday morning at 7:30. Received a call yesterday that out of the 28 follicles, 20 eggs were retrieved and 15 fertilized. So all is good there.

My question...I now have a pesky cold and cough. Ugh....and I am the kind where it sticks around forever! Do you think that will affect Tuesday? I am so worried! I am hoping it goes away, but knowing myself, it won't by then.


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1272624 tn?1395434357
by plumber43, Jan 14, 2012
Don't worry! As long as you can ride it out without medication and don't have a fever I'm guessing you'll be fine!
Hugs and SSBD,

1804812 tn?1329677557
by sadiegirl69, Jan 14, 2012
Lots of Orange juice and rest!  Seriously, don't get out of  Cold medication at night.  This will kick it.  Good luck girl!!!


1645406 tn?1453754357
by marsi2, Jan 14, 2012
So cold medicine is a no-no? Even now?

1203557 tn?1345853860
by stargazy, Jan 16, 2012
I was sick during my transfer as well... Stuck it out with lots of chicken soup, OJ and LOTS of rest. Hope all goes well, my prayers are with you!

1462588 tn?1345061795
by TAGLAS, Jan 16, 2012
Take some extra vitamin C (pills)and gets some vicks vapor rub!! Hope you feel better soon :)

1645406 tn?1453754357
by marsi2, Jan 16, 2012
Thanks ladies! Tomorrow is the day... bright and early at 7:30am :-)

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