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Jan 15, 2012 - 2 comments

I've been having new sx for 8 days but have forgotten to update my tracker. Sx started with numbness/weakness/shaking in my right hand to mid-arm, weak/wobbly legs, extra fatigue and a pain in and above my left eyeball. The hand issues pretty much disappeared yesterday but the eye sx are ongoing and I think my vision is blurred but that could just be because I'm so terrified of getting ON in my left eye since I still can't see properly after the last attack in my right eye. Saw my GP on Fri morning and he did some reflex tests and got me to close my eye and tell him if he was moving my fingers up or down but I couldn't really feel it so he is contacting the neuro. Hoping to hear from him soon but scared he won't believe me :(

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by TeaLover79, Apr 29, 2012
I feel for you - I've had optic neuritis (sp? - okay I'll just use "ON" !!) only far....not fun. I saw your post was written in Jan. - I hope things are going better for you.

TeaLover79 from Wash. state, USA

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by zoefromsussex, Apr 30, 2012
Hi, thanks for your comment. Well, I had right-sided ON in Oct and my eyes still haven't recovered that well and I was registered partially sighted a while ago. I had left-sided ON two months ago but that wasn't so bad and recovered well. Unfortunately, even doing very little causes both eyes to fog right over so it's quite annoying! I also get a bit of double vision lately and trouble focussing so I think my eyes are my most troublesome area. How are you doing at the moment? Are you on any treatment?

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