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My lil' guy's heart.....

Jan 17, 2012 - 0 comments

When I took my son to his 1st doctor's visit on Dec. 27 the doctor noticed that he had a heart murmur. She said it was nothing to worry about but that it needed to be checked out so she scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist for as soon as we were done with her visit. That truly made me nervous since I thought if it wasn't anything to worry about then why was she scheduling an appointment so quickly. Well we (my hubby and I) took our son to see the cardiologist and just like the regular doctor he also heard the murmur. So he did all the necessary tests and we learned that the cause of the murmur.....our son has a small hole in his heart. Hearing those words devastated us. The doctor tried to reassure us by telling us that many people have this condition and rarely have any side effects from it. But one thing that still made me nervous is the location. Typically if the hole is in the lower region it will close due to the heart contracting, but our son's is at the top and these don't usually close. So more than likely he will live with it for his entire life. So every day since this appt. I have been keeping a close eye on my son's breathing, eating, and growing patterns. Doctor said that if these things are not normal one cause may be due to the hole and then something would have to be done about it. Thankfully he has seemed to be doing fine, but I can't help but still worry.

Tomorrow he has his checkup with the cardiologist and I am a bit nervous about it. Although I believe everything will be fine, the thought that it may not be unnerves me.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?

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