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BFing and Ovulation!

Jan 23, 2012 - 3 comments






Ok, as some of you know, i will be attempting to BF my little man once he arrives.. Although i do understand it doesnt always work out. But, if all goes to plan, and we manage BFing... do any of you know much about Ovulation whilst BFing..?!

I plan on BFing for around 12 months.. Now, me and DF have already discussed baby #3, and are looking to start TTC again around christmas next year.. which would make Riley about 8 months old.. Now.. i was hoping to start tracking my cycles again straight after Riley's born (and the post pregnancy bleeding has stopped) so i have a good idea of how things are going. I was just wondering, does BFing hinder O at all?! Or will it not affect me at all...?? Any help would be great :D xx

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by ConnieG, Jan 23, 2012
It didn't effect an old preachers wife or my bosses wife.  I've heard some people have irregular cycles up to a year after giving birth but I'm not sure if that's related to BFing or not.  Everyone's body is different and if you are charting you should get a good idea of your cycles by the time 8 months roll around.  I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.
My bosses wife BF baby #4 the entire time she was TTC and pregnant with #5

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by retta483, Jan 23, 2012
I think its diffrent for every weoman . Ive heard of girls getting pregnant while nursing . I had to stop nursing to try because I diddent have a period at all while I was exclusivly  bf . I took 10 months to get pregnant after stopping . I diddent track my cycles so I couldent tell you If I Oed  im going to say no because of the no period ?? That is awesome that you are going to bf :)

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by heather727, Jan 23, 2012
I BF my son for the first 9 months.  I didn't get my first period until he was 7 months old.  I think it depends on when you introduce solid food and how often they nurse.  Once they sleep through the night and eat more than they BF, your cycles might come back then.  You MIGHT be ovulating by the time Riley is 8 months old, but it depends on how long and how much BF you do.  You could always decide to wean him early too.  Some say it's the first 6 months that matter most with BF.  Good luck either way and congrats!! :)

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