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Schedule C-Section

Jan 25, 2012 - 3 comments


I had an appointment the other day and now my midwife wants to schedule a c-section on Feb 13 which is my next doctors appointment and Im not happy about....

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1747732 tn?1330391862
by snuggles4291860, Jan 25, 2012
why would see schedule a c section hope all is ok. keep me posted

1755520 tn?1330569826
by telly82, Jan 26, 2012
Because i have had two prior ones but not consective, and she said i have to have another one, i am so pissed off cause they dont give you a chance to have natural birth,..

1747732 tn?1330391862
by snuggles4291860, Jan 30, 2012
hush dear i understand your pain. u will 37 weeks by then. hope and pray all goes well. please do keep me updated.

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