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about my life

Jan 28, 2012 - 2 comments

Blessings in my life

Hi I'm Michael Maurice Mangum. I was born premature with crooked feet and with a bad lung where I couldn't breathe good but had surgery on it and on my right eye 10 times but thank God I am still here today. I have developmental delayed disability but I'm trying to be the best I can be - I am going to Los Medanos College to become a special ed aid one day to help speciall needs kids that's what I really would love to do. People made fun of me a lot growing up. I used to do all kinds of bad stuff and try to get my security from people to run away from my problems. I have learned to forgive people and not let them get me down and also not be controlled by the things I used to be enslaved by. I studied the Bible with my church friends and learned a lot about God, myself and my life. On April 4, 2010 during Easter I got inspired to get baptized and live a new life for God.

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2002731 tn?1327857731
by caandahl, Jan 29, 2012
That is AWESOME for you to forgive all the ignorant people that were not nice to you.My youngest son has special needs and I know as a parent I often get VERY angry at people that stare or whisper or feel sorry for him.God made EVERYONE the way we are for a reason   :)

1991178 tn?1347073103
by money26, Jan 29, 2012
Thanks so much for the message some.times my good some not be good days

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