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A LONG Time Since I Have Updated

Jan 29, 2012 - 1 comments

CT Scans

These are my most recent CT scans. Problem is I dont go to MUSC in Charleston SC (2hour drive) until March! I'd like to know what they mean now. She would rather wait and answer questions when I go for the appointment. My local Pulmonologist ordered the CT scans because she would rather do PFT's. The local Pulmonologist believes in CT scans and PFT's. So why couldn't he read it? That was my question. He had nothing to compare it with the Pulmonologist in Charleston at MUSC has them. So I had the most recent disk sent to her with my CT on it and they sent all x-rays to. All reports from the radiologist were sent to her as well. I also got my own disk and all the reports to. So by the reports only this is what they said.These are my last two CT scans:

*(I have had Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Fibrosis since Sept. 2009. I also have Traction bronchiectasis. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis among other things).

CT Scan: 11/18/10- Lungs: Bilateral upper and lower lobe interstitial thickening with groundglass opacities and traction bronchiectasis. Splenic granuloma. Spenule is present. Hepatic Steatosis (fatty liver).

CT Scan: 1/20/12- There is cylindrical bronchiectasis in the lower lobes with greater changes on the left than the right. There is some septal thickening in the Periphery of areas of both upper lobes and involving both lower lobes with greater changes on the left. No significant adenopathy is seen.

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by Caryopteris, Jan 29, 2012
Radiologists are the specialists who read x-rays.  Yes, other doctors look at the films as well as reports, but radiologists are trained in the minute details that can be found on studies.  Comparisons for disease progression are done by a radiologist who is looking at both sets (or more sets) of films.  He never does comparisons by report because those are only words.  Each radiologist may have commented differently on different things and may use different terminology, making reports very different from films.  More user friendly, but less precise.  

I know it is hard to be patient.

I wonder if the water where you live has a lot of chemicals added to it for purification.  Where I live, they add both chlorine and chloramine.  I have read that when you shower, you breathe these chemicals in and it's hard on lungs.  Maybe a water filter that filters out whatever chemicals your water has would be of benefit to you.  

Another thing; if you use dairy, that can be very mucus producing, so you might do better using dairy substitute products.  

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