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Much Pain & Stomach Ache

Feb 04, 2012 - 0 comments

Much pain and stomach ache. I have not been taking my multi-vitamin (which has B vitamins), because I ran out a few days ago. I wonder if this is why I am feeling so weak, fatigued and super brain fogged the last few days. Menses alone usually doesn't bring the strong brain fog I currently have. I feel I can barely concentrate on even watching a favorite TV show. My face is in pain, my head, too. It is such a distraction from doing nearly anything. I will rest a while as yesterday I pushed myself to function and I got nothing done. I think I am just too sick to work on things today.

My sister was supposed to come over to help me to organize my storage closet as I have not been able to get to it due to my health condition. And I honestly did not  feel up to even getting help, due to the tremendous brain fog. I forced myself, as gently as I could, to work out a gym class, 'Total Body Workout', which is like step aerobics combined with big ball and light weights. I sweated and feel only a tiny bit better after. I know the effects of workouts are cumulative, so I try to workout at least 3x a week.

Slept with a 'nap' from 3-6 pm. And my head was still pounding when I woke up. Thank God my boyfriend suggested 2 Excedrin, which helped a lot. And able to function to make dinner but really not feeling well. The strongest points of pain are in points in the front of my hand and much of the bottoms and tops of my feet. Then there is also pain throughout my body, which I noted in my Pain Tracker.

A few things I noted that may contribute to this: I have not been taking certain supplements: (1) Multi-vitamin with lots of B vitamins (because I ran out and did not rebuy quick enough - I mentioned), (2) fish oil (because I forget),  (3) pro-biotics (because I forget) and one which I take occasionally (4) Intestinal Drawing Formula (by Health Force Naturals), which is supposed to remove toxins and also seems to curb my appetite. I have cut out (refined) sugar for several days and maybe my new diet plus the parasite cleanse I have been doing is leading to toxins in the body due to 'die off'. I hear about this and really need to read more. Maybe these symptoms will pass. Well, they always do. It's just that they come back and come back strong, swiftly and unexpectedly, when they are such an interruption and they so much throw me off kilter! It's hard to get back on track with where I left off, because I get so sick with all these symptoms.

I wish I could describe with accuracy the brain fog. It is such a cloud of confusion I felt under the last couple of days, that every day decisions and actions were difficult. Even as I sit now, I have a moderate fatigue left. The 3 hour nap helped alleviate symptoms of the fog as well as my 45 minute 'Total Body Workout' class at the gym. The pain is less now too as a result of these, but still here. My head throbs more gently than the earlier pounding, my hands and feet still hurt very much. I could get a massage every day when I feel like this. I mean at least the pain goes away or is significantly reduced for a while after the massage. Working out is hit or miss. I mean sometimes it can reduce symptoms significantly and sometime very little, like today. But I think the positive effects of working out are cumulative and that regular workouts of at least 3x week really help me, where spuratic and intermittent workouts often correspond with an increased severity of symptoms. Working out and eating right seems like life or death in that respect; If I don't workout or eat 'right', I get really sick and/or more sick than usual. This is a strange and miserable existence when I live in pain and brain fog as I do now.

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