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Proximal Diabetic Neuropathy / The long Journey

Feb 07, 2012 - 0 comments





Diabetic neuropathy







This journey started over two years ago though we didn't know what we were up against until September of 2011! We didn't even know my husband had diabetes until July 2011, up till that time the Dr had told us my husband was on the way to becoming diabetic. Later when I got frustrated telling him that my husband was loosing weight and getting weaker and was in pain, did he state that my husband was type 2 diabetic. We were shocked to find out that he had been this way for two years and of course Dr insisted he had told us this!

This is big, not something I would have forgotten nor ignored! When I asked shouldn't he be using a meteor to monitor his sugar, Dr replied of course and wrote out a prescription for one at once after this every time we went in for checkup or blood work because husband was on blood thinner for his heart they started checking his blood sugar also!

When we told the Dr that husband was having trouble and pain with his legs and that sometimes they would just give way and he would fall, Dr sent him to physical therapy and gave him pain shots. My Husband continued to get weaker and was loosing more weight and muscle, he was unable to continue therapy and therapist suggested we ask our Dr about seeing a Neurologist but our Dr sent us to a bone specialist instead who in turn sent us to our now permanent Neurologist.

When we started physical therapy my husband was walking with a cane, when we quit six weeks later he was trying to use a walker but had to go to a wheelchair right away. During all this time he also spent three trips in hospital from falls that caused bleeding in his leg and many blood clots. We almost lost him the 2nd time and have been on a long journey trying to get him strong enough to be able to travel to Houston to see a specialist there that is the only one near us that treats this problem and then it will all be experimental as there is no cure for this problem.  

This is just an account of how we got to this day, I will tell more in my next post. Prayers are the most help so yours will be greatly appreciated.          

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