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Feel very alone

Feb 08, 2012 - 0 comments

very alone





When you spend a lot of time in a dark room with maybe 30 minutes a week of conversation from your spouse it is really difficult to force yourself to believe you are not alone, not alone in your pain not alone in the dark not alone in your fear not alone in despair not alone, " you're not alone in this he tells me, whatever you need I am here for you, you just have to ask, but you know I just came up to check on you I have to work but just call if you need me. What could I ask that you would give. Months ago I asked you to spend 30 minutes a day with me. You seem to think you sleeping or watching tv in my general presence should suffice. You know what, I am alone. I have no family except young children, and years of illness makes your friends fade away. I have been alone the 71/2 yrs of our marriage. Will I have to divorce you to find someone to talk to, would I heal if I had support. I know what deep, strong love feels and acts like. To start, love FEELS and ACTS.

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