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7 Meditation Benefits- Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and your Super Body, Super Brain

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Who knows how to breathe properly? Our body needs Breathing the same as cars need gas . Try driving a car without gas you simply can't. Oxygen is free, we need it, we long for it and it is not that easy to learn how to breathe properly. Did you know that you don't only breathe from your nose? You have a powerful muscle in your stomach called the diaphragam.

The diaphragm is the central core muscle of the human body,  one of the principal muscles of your breathing. Ancient Greeks called the diaphragm phrenos  "the absolute  unity of all possibilities of human expression".

The diaphragm shrinks and at the same time it shrinks it will rise less and less up into the chest. Similar when you are trying to pump a basketball ball or a bicycle . Using your diaphragm properly allows  you to bring more oxygen not only to your lungs but to the entire body including to your heart and muscles . In order to do that we need a calm and focused mind that will help regulating our breathing.  According to the New York Times This exercise in focused awareness and mental catch-and-release of emotions has become perhaps the most popular new psychotherapy technique of the past decade.

In my opinion it is easy to close your eyes and even think blank but it is not that easy to have a focused mind that will really concentrate in proper breathing isolating any other thoughts that may arise. I have been doing meditation and I may confess that at the beginning is not as easy as it looks like, it requires practice, concentration and proper awareness. After few sessions you will experience a better sense of yourself and where you are in this world, an increased awareness, focus and internal peace.

Regarding the different techniques we have plenty to chose from but  just wanted to share with you the work of a phenomenal teacher Amy Grosswho teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. In this article published Newsweek and The Daily Beast explains how we can all benefit from meditation in very simple ways from our personal to our professional life, dealing with stress, anxiety, pain or having a better attitude towards life especially how do we treat ourselves and people around us, read this article and you will get hooked! I am! click here to read this phenomenal article

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Since its launch, MBSR has evolved into a common form of complementary medicine addressing a wide variety of health and medical problems including chronic stress or anxiety.


Meditation has been a really important part of my philosophy so that is why I am very proud to say that my book Super Body, Super Brain it is the first time that an exercise program is combined with Meditation! I believe in Meditation so much that I wanted to go to one of the top experts in meditation Sharon Salzberg who is the author of many books and she provided me and my readers with a phenomenal 5 minute meditation after my Super Body, Super Brain exercises.

7 Benefits of Meditation

- Increases lung capacity and endurance

- Helps maintain physical and mental focus

-Gives you increased flexibility in your torso muscles

-Can be used as a tool raise or lower heart raise

-Can be used to help you relax and or meditate

-Improving personal and social awareness

-A better brain body functioning and improve focus

Here you can see some of Sharon Salzberg recommendations if you want to start meditating


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