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Second for Domusic

Feb 11, 2012 - 1 comments



hepatitis c tracker

Date: Feb 11, 2012 - Day before start on the 12th.

Hepatitis C Tracker
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by domusic, Feb 22, 2012
OK. Started the triple therapy Feb 12 with 1st INF shot. Next day had the expected flue like sides. Nothing yet for the first week from the Riba. Second shot, weird, no flue like sides. But began to feel the riba Hgb thing when grocery shopping.

Base line Hgb started at 17.7 H. A good thing I guess. Was SOB and muscle soreness on exertion. Also had tightness in the chest and this is due to my heart disease. Had a MI in 07 with stent placement. However they left three high grade lesions do to the small size of the arteries. The three were 50-70% blocked so I do get angina from time to time which is relieved by rest and Nitro if necessary.

First labs on Feb 27th.

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