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The Doctor Called 10/16/2008

Oct 16, 2008 - 3 comments

My tumor is smaller than they originally thought its 3mm and they dont want to do anything, but watch it and do another MRI in January and put me on more meds, They think its still emotional. Im going to my family doctor to get a referral to get a second opinion. So Im just blah now because they think my migrains and all the other symptoms are all emotional...THIS IS NOT EMOTIONAL!!!!

I went saw my family doctor and he is giving me a referral for second opinion...He said that it is emotional due to the tumors is on the pituitary gland that controls your emotions, and hormones...

I have been upset all day..both the neurologist and my family doctor agree that they want to put me on a meds that will help with the forgetfullness as well as the mood swings. Dr. Russell said we will keep going till we find a med that works and that we find a specialist that will work withhim as well. I dont remeber what meds are they wont be ready till tomorrow.

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by brainpain, Oct 16, 2008
i hate when doctors think your emotional. my tumor was 7mm when it was discovered. and i had alot of things going on that wasent emotional. i never was put on any meds during the 2yrs of waiting to see what happens. i dont think they know enough about how a pituitary tumor effects a person. i had terrable migraines,non stop periods for over a year. the mood swings, forgetting things,sluring words,breast leakage, couldent tolorate the heat . i heard that for almost 2yrs.i had so many mris i could tell if it had grown myself.  find a pituitary endo to check your hormones , ask your neuro to refer you to one, not a regular endo they speaclize in diabetes.

its good news its smaller than they thought ! and keep watching it my tumor grew from 11mm to 22mm in a few months.dont be upset , im sorry to tell you but i went threw he** trying to convince the neuro i dident have these problems before. this will be a long jounery, and a fight from beging to end. stay strong and take care of yourself,brainpain

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by crwstar, Oct 17, 2008
When I first started having headaches daily last November my doctor literally suggested that it was all in my head. She is no longer my doctor and I told her why ;-)

Definitly find doctors or specialists who focus specifically on the pituitary, you will waste a lot of time with other doctors telling you its all in your head. Brainpain is right, this will be a long journey. I thought for myself it would be quick and easy, ohhh have I been set straight on that point. I have finally, 8 months later, resolved myself to accepting this very fact. Its not pleasant but man alive I had to work hard to change my approach to doctors cause I was going to be seeing them so often.
I think they say that what eventually takes a person out is not the tumor but all the symptoms associated with it. Bravo for your doctor wanting to help with the symptoms as that's huge cause he/they do recognize that something is going on. You need an endocrinologist.....I have never heard of a neurologist who specializes in pituitaries unless they are a neuro-endocrinologist. Going forward this is what my neurologist said, her specific words were - get yourself under the care of a endocrinologist who specializes in pituitaries.....Ok, I'm repeating myself ;-0

I have not been put on medication and would be interested in hearing what they put you on. I'm going to see if they can put me on a anti anxiety medication for now. I got my results back and they say no change but the print out says both the aneurysm and tumor have grown a little probably not enough to concern them though. This lets me know they are slow growing.

Remember this is going to be a long process. We'll be chatting for a while ;-) {{{{{{HUGS to you Both}}}}}}

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by Jules77733, Oct 17, 2008
The thing is, the doctors might weigh the risk of surgery and its side effects with just leaving the tumor in there and managing the effects its causing. Surgery always carries some amount of risk--for you, it woudn't be "brain surgery" per se, but it's still in a very delicate area of your body. Also, side effects of surgery, depending on how it goes, could include something like life-long headaches (though there's a reason for a headache--I'd make the doctor figure out why I'm getting them), even if you get rid of the hormone swings.

Definitely get a second--and even third--opinion. When it comes down to it, if they know your symptoms are being caused by the pituitary tumor, and they tell you this, it should really be up to you (and their medical opinion, of course) to decide what you want to do. Granted, they can always refuse surgery as an option, but I'll bet you could find a doctor somewhere willing to operate, regardless.

Did you figure out what the meds are? If they can help you and they don't have any nasty side effects, it may be wise to stick with them for the time being, unless there's a chance your tumor is going to grow significantly in a short period of time (monitor it, like brainpain said, which your doctors probably will).

Hang in there. This isn't fun, but look on the bright know what you have and how it might be affecting you (which is more than I can say for a lot of us hahaha), they caught it while you're still young, and your doctors seem to have a handle on things. Furthermore, it's a good learning process. Personally, I really like medicine, but I never would've learned as much about it as I have if I hadn't gotten sick. I also wouldn't have met any of you guys!

Cheer up, we're all in the same boat together, and we're not going to sink anytime soon... =)

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