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Correspondence with Dr. Luke regarding my weight gain and fetal weights at 28 weeks.

Feb 16, 2012 - 0 comments

Dear Dr. Luke:

I’ve gained roughly 28 pounds, and I am 28 weeks today. I was steadily gaining 2 pounds a week until about 25 weeks, but now I haven’t been gaining really. That said, if I look at the past month it  averages to a  half a pound a week. (It’s just hard to eat as much in the latter of the second trimester. Even though I try to eat more, I believe I eat about 1300-2000 calories a day.

At my 26 week ultrasound, my fraternal twins weighed 850(girl) and 880 grams(boy).

Any thoughts on the fetal weights and my weight gain?


Hi Lauren--your weight gain before 28 weeks is the most critical. Your babies' growth will now take off, and some of the weight you've put on will be mobilized. Just try to continue to eat small meals throughout the day--and especially before bedtime. Their growth to this point is good.

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