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Feb 16, 2012 - 2 comments

So since Jan i have been seening a new RE its a female and I really like her she is on point, she knows her stuff. Well since I have seening her we have been ruling out all my reasons why I have not had a baby. She has been running all types of test which I like. She told us she will not do anything till she rules out everything possible. And so she has, she has found out that I will not need to be on metformin any more since it was cause more harm to me then good. Which is good for me, then she ran tons of blood and a genes test which all came back - all but one. She found my cause of why things have not been working and reason being is she found out that I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia. And it was because she ran a test to see and bam it came back + with high numbers 539. She told me she had read my files from long ago the same files I gave my old RE and she said he tought I had it and tested me and the numbers were even higher back then. So thats what made her test for it. I was so happy to hear that bad news only because now I got some type of anwers to whats going on with me. So she ran another test to see how really bad it is and I would have to be on  steroids for the rest of my life but she said it will get my hormones back on track and where they should be. So now im waiting to see what next.

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by DaylightDancer, Apr 02, 2012
Oh wow, this new RE sounds great! I'm sorry you have this condition, but it sounds like it can be treated. I hope this means your hormone levels will be normal soon and you'll be blessed with the baby you've wanted and prayed for so long. Keep me posted on how things progress!

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by Sobie, Apr 03, 2012
Thanks, Yes I am happy I changed RE she is on her game. I have been on my meds for a month now and ten days of taking them my hormones where normal so she is keeping me on the 0.5mg once a day thank god. I will be going back to see her on the 24th to go over all the results and whats the next steps. I am happy she found whats been going on with me and fixed it. I have yet to find people like me who have late on set congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Because its rare it makes things harder to find it and to get the right help. But its not the only thing we found out my DH also has problems with his lil swimmers I am not sure how or when that happened since two years ago we ran test and he was fine but then again it was the same RE who didnt know I had LOCAH so we will be retesting and talking to my RE about what she thinks it could be since when he took it he was sit and I know sometimes that plays a part so I am hoping thats what it was. But as for that I feel better and not so tried any more and I feel things are different now since im on the meds. I do have bad days but they are far in between so thank god for that.
I will keep you posted and I hope to share some good news soon. I am not rushing to have a baby just yet I want my health to be 100% before I do that since that is the cause of MC. thanks again for being so +.

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