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Wrestle-Mania pt 3

Feb 18, 2012 - 6 comments

       This was totally unexpected,embarassing,and humilating.And most of all I still didn't have a proper diagnosis. Back on the road home,for a long 3 hour return journey in the car. So i had alot of time to think about it. Over the next 10 years I was reminded each and everyday,with pain and discomfort. I proceeded the best i could,lying to employers about my injury to get a job, not being able to sit ,stand ,walk or move for any length of time makes working most jobs brutal. After multiple agitations of my back,and working with 10 or so different companys in the plumbing field, I almost got to journeyman status.Unfortunately because my work records were so sporadic,I could never afford to go to school ,to get my tickets and had to work for 10 dollars an hour most of my career as a plumbers apprentice. After seeing two fatalities in the construction industry, one of whom was a friend of mine,I was done. While working and re-agitating myself so many times I've tried to fix the problem with physiotheropists(most who want to use a TENS machine on me which makes my back worse).chiropractors(temporary relief)meditation, yoga, stretching and the use of back supports(while driving and standing)(Obus Form).Over this time my bills for health care were well over 20,000 dollars and I was in severe debt. I only went to the doctors when it was totally necessary, and couldn't get pain meds even when I truly needed them. I was offered very little assistance by my doctors and none would help me get a WCB report filled out.Some doctors treated me like an addict, and said I was only there to get drugs. And all along, I've only had a few prescriptions for T3s (Tylenol).
The standard visit to the hospital emergency room goes like this.....a long wait on an uncomfortable chair in a crowded waiting room, a quick examination and a cursary history, a shot of Demeral followed by a nap on a gurney before either an x-ray or advice to see my family doctor. They seemed oblivious to the fact that many people in Alberta are unable to get a family doctor as for many years there just haven't been enough doctors to go round.I had no idea what to do.                                                                                                                                                                                          In the year 2000,my back was agitated from working once again.And I end up in a funny little doctors office,where I explain to him my back pain and ask for help with the situation.At this stage in life all im asking for is an MRI scan ,which im sure will reveal the problem and end this madness."That would be great" ,said the doctor.But I wont have anything to do with WCB,so forget it..He refused to file an examination report.As I stood up to leave,he could clearly see I was in alot of pain and stressed out.He looked at me and said,"your really hurting aren't you?Go on,step out side the door and come back in.I'll forget this ever happened.When you return ill file a report that you fell at home,and you got your scan."As I did and returned,in a matter of minutes I had my scan.I burst out crying it was such a relief.Finally after 10 years of pain i would have some answers.                                                                                                                                                                                     Left on the welfare lines and barely able to feed myself,I had to live in a bad part of town.A sleezy trailer park and a 20 foot camper was all I could afford.I lived like that for 2 years winter and all.Not much heat and no running water.But I had my MRI scan,and I was sure it would,answer alot of questions.On the day of my MRI scan I was so poor,I couldn't afford a bus ticket to get to the scan,and had to walk it 5 mile across town.My appointment wasn't till later in the day so I left camp early,and began a 4 hour walk to the clinic.About 2 hours into the walk I started to really hurt.I'd end up in a very busy neighbourhood,in the cental part of downtown.Towards me in the distance coming up the sidewalk,I saw a very large man on a mountain bike. coming up the middle of the sidewalk towards me,i felt like i was in a game of "chicken"as he refused to move.So I yelled at him"Hey get off the sidewalk".Embarassed by his actions, he quickly got off his bike and apologised.Right at that second I caught a look at his face and recognised him as a famous wrestler.Ha Ha I thought.This gave me the strength to make it the next hour of walking for sure.Once at the clinic,it wasn't long before my scan began.A short wait after and in my hand were the results.It's explained that I suffer from a buldged disk and it's slightly pushed off to the right.I knew it was serious,but finally I had a proper diagnosis.10 years later.

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1524304 tn?1326396974
by lacrymosa, Feb 19, 2012
Very heart-breaking story. So much pain for such a long time. I've never liked all the terrible  hospital things.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 19, 2012
So touched by your story , you write so well, I am sure it will help others in similar positions, how are you doing now is life treating you more gently ?

2034283 tn?1329862465
by zyborg, Feb 19, 2012
ty,both of you for commenting :)

2034283 tn?1329862465
by zyborg, Mar 01, 2012
hate to tell you marg but benefits and still in pain up to present date....

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Mar 01, 2012
That's what I hate folks who really need help dont seem to get it, yet this country like Europe has become a nation of entitlements .-, for anything and everything .Can you not claim disability ?

2034283 tn?1329862465
by zyborg, Mar 03, 2012
there is disability not sick enough to qualify for it filing for unemployment insurance,and hope i can get a Dr to write me off for a few months till i get my mri scan booked in june 11th for the next scan. to get disability benefits or my wcb workers compensation i need a Dr to back me.

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