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Feb 19, 2012 - 7 comments




Ya feelin kinda scared,don't know why..I'm scared that I'm not going to wake up.Just wierd..Guess I'm being a suck

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by orphanedhawk, Feb 19, 2012
Aw Danni, sorry you're scared. It's normal and natural to feel that way.
I use deep breathing and visualizing beautiful places and things that bring me joy to help me relax.
Sending you big cuddly bear hugs of comfort~

1652596 tn?1342011626
by belle19, Feb 19, 2012
danni, i'm so sad to read that you're scared.  i'm sending you some good vibes and prayers your way.  please take care of yourself.  we're all here for you anytime.  belle

1923802 tn?1331986928
by Dannigirl69, Feb 20, 2012
Ya can't sleep for the past to days,but I guess all sleep tomorrow at the hospital lol ya tryin keep it funny,yup I freaking though,lol but I know it will be fine :) thanks for warm cares :)Dannigirl69 ((hugs)) xo

1990530 tn?1333478843
by Grandmajane420, Feb 20, 2012
Sending happy warm thoughts you way:)

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by Advocate1955, Feb 20, 2012
Hi Danni, are you scared because of your upcoming gall bladder surgery?  My guess is that it will be a quick day procedure and you'll feel better by the next day.  Hang in there.

1923802 tn?1331986928
by Dannigirl69, Feb 20, 2012
Thanks guys ;) hugsxo :)

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Mar 06, 2012
Danni, I am so sorry, I know it is hard, I thought I was dying on tx, I was told it was the medication.
Thinking of you

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