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What he thinks

Oct 17, 2008 - 2 comments

in pain and hurting

My dh accidentally left his phone on and I heard these awful things he said about me. I am confused now?h

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by Denya, Oct 21, 2008
hope it wasn't anything too horrible, are you ok?

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by Tish408, Oct 22, 2008
Hey girl how are you? How's your little ducky? Kiss them toes. Yea it was pretty yucky. I heard things I thought I would never hear again. How I won't work, MY KIDS< When I get my ssdi I can just leave. I heard it all.But I gave him the chance to vent and that's what happened. I asked him if he ment it and he said no. That it was horsey poo coming out of his mouth. I talked to God and decided that we all have bad days but don't turn on your best friend. It was liberating not to take it to seriously.  But now I worry.

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