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Feb 22, 2012 - 16 comments

“There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another.  
But powerless to use this blessing for love themselves." A.Keys

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707563 tn?1626361905
by Emily_MHManager, Feb 22, 2012
Oh what a song.  I love that song, but thinking of what you are going through now while listening to it is heartbreaking.  :(  You remain in my thoughts and prayers, and if I can do anything, or MH can, please let me know.


1431734 tn?1421011671
by babs824, Feb 22, 2012
thinking of u sooo often and my tribulations seem silly. take care of yourself. more soon, love, babs

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by aheart, Feb 22, 2012
You are a very special lady of tremendous inner strenght. You are in my thoughts and prayers, stay well sweety.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 22, 2012
I echo those sentiments ...I hope you are feeling some comfort ..

163305 tn?1333668571
by orphanedhawk, Feb 22, 2012
Ah Eureka, compassionate and kind sister, so freely sharing of your heart, know how deeply you've touched us.

~the dove hidden behind the hawk:)

276730 tn?1327962946
by charm27, Feb 22, 2012
Thank you for sharing your emotions at this time.

We appreciate you for all you've given to this forum and shared with your heart.

I read your posts and feel your pain but more important feel the love.


1856494 tn?1340542614
by libzo2, Feb 22, 2012
Eureaka, Your heart is brimming.  Loving soul, your touchstone summation is so profound.  We are fragile creatures.  Do you think you could share a thought about your sweetheart that brings you comfort?  Your words can be sermons at times.  Thank you   Lots of patients here.  

1652596 tn?1342011626
by belle19, Feb 22, 2012
eureka, i've been thinking about you lately.  what a brave and compassionate woman you are.  thanks for sharing your heart and deepest thoughts with us.  you are to be admired by all for your strength.  peace be with you and your family.  love, belle

1711722 tn?1356487554
by beeblessed, Feb 22, 2012
Hi Eureka,

We collectively wrap our arms around you.  I haven't heard that song in ages.  Very touching.  Here are a couple for you:


and a very healing song:

IF YOU LIFT ME UP by Christina Aguilera


545538 tn?1295992017
by Kathy73, Feb 23, 2012
Thinking of you and saying a prayer Eureka.

683664 tn?1330966324
by lapis, Feb 23, 2012
Oh dear Eureka, a beautiful song and so sad right now, to listen to that and think of you.  Wishing you continued strength and warm loving people around you, all the support you need, and small pleasures every day to remind you that life is still here to be lived, different though it is.  I know you miss him terribly.  Sending love and warmth your way.


910090 tn?1332167460
by starshine1ca, Feb 24, 2012
Have been thinking about you alot, Eureka...You have truly been such an inspiration to me and praying for you each day.  I lost my Allan 6 years ago and know how difficult and painful some days would be.  The only thing that kept me sane is the realization that he still IS with me....I have felt his presence so many times and I feel such comfort knowing that he is.  I know your precious husband is right by your side always.  This is the song that I played at my husband's service.

Sending you Angels to watch over you....Anita

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Feb 28, 2012
You are in everyone's thoughts and prayers, beautiful song
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Mar 06, 2012
Hello again, I just read this quote in a book I am reading, it is about a Minister in a small town called Mitford  by Jan Karon and it is so good.  There is an entire series, I am on the 5th novel, it is very uplifting
I think about you and pray for you and your family
Love you S

545538 tn?1295992017
by Kathy73, Mar 13, 2012
Hi Eureka...just thinking of you and wishing only the very best!

131114 tn?1380083190
by jerialice, Jun 11, 2012
hi there- i am thinking about you and wondering how you are? my sister died of cancer in my arms and it is tough. but it will get better- we know you did all you could. i hope your son was able to be with you and that you are doing ok.
God bless,

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