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Progesterone shot symptom...HELP!

Feb 23, 2012 - 6 comments

Good morning beautiful ladies!

Here I am ranting about these shots again!

I have noticed in the last couple of days that I have a weird numb/burning sensation on my outer thigh (saddlebag area). It's the oddest thing. I do not have any odd color or swelling or any other symptom. I have stopped putting the PIO shot on this side to see if it goes away but so far it has not.

I did leave my RE a message about this but have not gotten a reply yet. Just wondering if anyone had experienced this. The only thing that we have done different is that we had been using .9 ml of 100mg oil and now we are  using 1.5 ml of 50mg oil. Could my DH have put the injection wrong?

Any info is appreciated as always!

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961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Feb 23, 2012
Is that where your doing the shot?  I know I still have knots where I did my I injections, but that is the upper butt erea.

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Feb 23, 2012

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Feb 23, 2012
If you by accident hit a muscle/nerve you may feel some muscle pain in your bum vicinity.  Make sure you do the shots in the upper quadrant.

1645406 tn?1453754357
by marsi2, Feb 23, 2012
No where I feel the weird sensation is not where he put the shots. He does so on upper outer quad. Just weird I guess...

1834120 tn?1422942267
by tiadreams, Feb 28, 2012
Hi Maria,
This sounds like a nerve related thing. Have you thought that maybe you injected near your sciatic nerve? I hope that sensation goes away, doesn't sound nice. It ***** that you have to keep giving yourself injections. What about suppoositories? Yes BTW I am excited about April, FINALLY the time is looming closer!

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by PJ2012, Apr 06, 2012
I have been having these same sensations on both sides!  I only took PIO for about 3 days (cancelled transfer).  It started out itchy on one side too.  And it's been about 4 days since I've stopped the meds.  But i still have these burning pain, especially when i get out of bed in the morning.  Anyone else with this issue?

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