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Thought I was having better day  =(

Feb 24, 2012 - 2 comments



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I thought my day was going better I was having some anxiety but was manage able until late night hit and my mind went wandering and I started panicking about being pregnant and the risks of being pregnant and possible loss of baby again .. now I am shaking like a leaf.  =(

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by DenaRenee78, Feb 25, 2012
I did have to go back on effexor today too. Effexor and Buspar

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by colesy855, Feb 27, 2012
soory to here about your loss im a family man and no how hard that must be have had experience of this in three relationships with my ex parteners.i have five children 3 step children and 2 on the way and it also is an anxious time.i have four children that i dont see very much because their real mother took them away from me and they are now in the care of their grandmother due to her neglecting them by drinking drugs and violence.i lost my home and everything and became alchohol dependent and suicidal and also am disabled with osteoperosis.but despite all i live each day as it comes and get on with life and look forward to the happy moments in cant change the past or bring back the things we lost so we have to hold out for hope and stay srong for ourselfs and im sure thats what your freinds and family would want let them in to help and support you.all the best tim

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