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tapper down to get off the pain meds

Feb 26, 2012 - 0 comments

pain meds


the pain



day one:i started my first day of my tapper down from 12 x 10/325 mg of norco for 15 years. i am scared not of being without them or what i have become without them is the pain going to run my life again ? am i going to be thinking about pulling a trigger again so i dont have to deal with all the pain. i did good today stuck to what was on the was hard at times seems i did ok as long as i kept busy.just now phone rings i was just told my mom had a heart attack. man this is so damn  hard. but going to keep going on i know my mom wants me to do this,she beat lung cancer last year and she is so strong i dont want to let her down. i am moving forward not going to let this get to me...

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