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February 27 Update

Feb 27, 2012 - 0 comments















Exercise plan is going great. I am still eating well and still feeling great about life and the changes I have made. I've been hanging out with friends more on the weekends... still able to see my Aunt and the baby... no complaints!

My ex got in touch with me yesterday to tell me that he's come to the realization that he was incredibly selfish during our relationship and he's sorry he treated me the way he did. He misses me... is miserable... and is striving to better himself so that he can "earn" me back (his word, not mine). He spoke about looking into therapy, said he's joining a CrossFit gym (jealous, don't have the moola for this), and signed up to take the next firefighters exam.

I am happy for him and I hope he does make these changes in his life... for him. I stressed this. I told him that he should not be doing these things for me... but for himself because otherwise it won't work. He said he understood that and he feels like he is on a better track.

I don't know how I feel about the prospect of getting back with him at this point... honestly, I don't know if he is legit... but I won't deny that it feels great to be validated... to have him realize that I was a great thing in his life and he f*ed up.

I will still be focusing on me and my life but I do hope that he keeps me updated so I know he is following through and isn't just all talk. Feels a little bad that I cannot be there to help him... BUT... he has to do it for him. I'm done holding his hand.

Will edit this update tomorrow with new weight. Fingers crossed I lost again.

EDIT: bummer... 152.5 this morning... I am crossing my fingers that it is muscle gained versus fat added.. However, I did actually do a cheat this weekend so it may be a consequence of not keeping my diet clean. We will see what the scale says next week... and I will use this as motivation (trytrytry) to work harder and go to exhaustion

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