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HELP!!!!!  My daught at three really hasn't been dianosed

Oct 17, 2008 - 0 comments

please help me make

I been taking my 3 year old since she was 14month to her Predrict developmental doctor and haven't been totally sure what she has.  She doesn't really talk about 5 words in total.  She doesn't NOT like other kids and family she doesn't play or nothing she crys until she is by her self...  Difficulty sleep at night or even during the night or wake up serveral times a nght.  She doesn't really play with any toys.   She currently on Topamax because she is having spikes in her EEG.  She had a MRI done and came out abnormal??  One OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES my daughter literally eats her ****.  She sticks her hands down there and then puts in her mouth.WHY ???  WHY???

Somebody tell me something?????
Kind of lost right now I would what on of these doctors to review her case.

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