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At last, I am back in the land of the living!!
So, I did a full inventory of all the stuff we have for Baby, and found we need a few more things (costing a FORTUNE!!) - I don't have any sleepsuits, yikes, better get those!

Made lists of what we have (necessities, etc.), clothes (and what age they're for), a list of things we NEED, a list of things we MAY need, and a list for my hospital bag!
As I'll be staying in around 5 days, I'm going to need a lotta stuff!

Did a heap of washing, caught up on some work on pc, washed hair etc, and had a good look at floorplans of our new home, so I've got a good idea about how we're going to have it - exciting!

So, doesn't sound much, but been busy all day, and got a lot of little chores out of the way.

Tomo, I tackle the house work!  Downstairs - As I'm 31 weeks pregnant, I'm really struggling now, so Upstairs can wait till the day after!

Then next week, just two appointments, both on same day, so a pretty easy week for me - House will be spotless, chores all done, so I can kick back and have a rest!

Happy happy happy :)

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