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Saw Midwife for my 31 week checkup...

Feb 28, 2012 - 0 comments



31 weeks


First baby


check ups






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.........And she was very happy with us both!

Max's heartbeat is VERY strong, bless him, and he's measuring right, as well as having a boxing match in there!!

My BP if fine, and no protein in Urine, so all is good.

I've had a few problems, mainly with extreme fatigue - Finding household chores especially hard.  May be cos I'm an "older" Mum!, and I have a lot of pain in both shoulders, which hinders me.

So, to say I'm an older Mum, and this is our first Baby, this pregnancy has been pretty much plain sailing - No complications like they try to frighten you with, which I am very pleased about.

So, roll on 8 1/2 weeks - Max will be here, we'll have moved in to our new home, and his Nursery will be newly decorated and set up, with all of his lovely stuff in - CAN NOT WAIT!!!!


Our little Angel :o)
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