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Bacterial infection or Reflux?

Mar 11, 2012 - 4 comments



Acid reflux





Ok so a month ago when Malik was around 6 weeks a friend with a bad flu came to visit.. So as expected Malik and I caught the cold. Malik didn't get any fever just severe caughing and a runny nose. A week later the caughing got better n is almost gone. But now at 11 weeks he's got severe projectile vomiting after almost every feed. Took him to his regular dr and he thinks it's reflux asked me to give him 1.5 mls of motilium 3 times a day b4 feeding. So I did and the symptoms disappeared so against drs request I intentionally missed a dose to c if it's gotten better but nooo still excessive vomiting. So I decided to take him to another dr to c if it's anything else, "note that this dr didnt notice the granuloma he had in his belly which is y I doubted him n took Malik to another dr" well. After check up she thinks that the runny nose he still has + the caugh he has had and the phlegm that's still in his chests seems to b interconnected also the eye infection he was born with!! and she prescribed anti biotics! So now I'm confused as to go with which dr. Baby didn't get a fever at all throughout the month so how could this b an infection? Reflux; does it cause this much vomiting? Baby's weight has been fine and nappies r fine too. So should I follow? I'm leaning towards giving him motilium rather than giving him antibiotics and that's mainly bcuz he doesn't have a fever. Calling out all my mh friends. All comments r appreciated thanks!

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by Carly1306, Mar 11, 2012
I think if he's vomiting after feedings then it's more likely reflux. I didn't know you got baby motillium? Here you can buy it over the counter but it's for nausea and stuff if you're sick. If he doesn't have a temp and is not showing signs of being sick elsewhere then I wouldn't risk antibiotics if there's not actually an infection - it's not good to be taking them if you don't need to be and can hinder being able to use them in the future. I think you should follow your mama instincts Hala.

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by JennaRie, Mar 11, 2012
Reflux can cause major vomiting - Reid has it and he can go through burp cloths and outfits like nobody's business! It sometimes seems like he vomits everything he's eaten, but he is still gaining weight normally so apparently he's still getting enough. Anyway, that's what it sounds like to me. I had ours both on antibiotics after they caught a cold and I totally regretted it. They had horrible diarrhea from it, and therefore horrible diaper rashes. I will avoid antibiotics in the future unless they're absolutely necessary. I've always wondered, is there a way they can run a test to see if it's bacterial? That way you'd know for sure whether he really needed them or not.

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by haz1104, Mar 11, 2012
Thanks ladies, now u feel much better! Been thinking about this all night I think I'll wait it out for a week n give him the motilium meanwhile. No harm in that since he's not feverish right?
Carly, dr gave me regular motilium didn't no there was a baby one, almost all medicines here r given over the counter even antibiotics haha.
Jenna, I gave him one dose of antibiotics b4 I realized he's not feverish n feel SO guilty about it. They're so tiny.. I don't no how they can take all this at once. Didn't no growing up is so hard and takes lots of effort!

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by hope2b888, Mar 14, 2012
my babies also have reflux as they are premies ...dr has prescribed zantac for them.....

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