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18 days left!

Mar 12, 2012 - 1 comments

only 18 days left until our little girl is due to be here but that seems like forever..i really hope that she comes early. I had my son about 3 weeks early and i was hoping she would be the same way but i dont think she is going to! I am so tired of being pregnant i am ready to see and hold our little one..i am having contractions through out the day but nothing regular. i have an appt on thursday and they will check me then hopefully these contractions are doing good and they will tell me that i am dialated some..

Still looking online for some natural ways to induce labor at home..doc told me i could drink castor oil but i dont want a "messy" delivery with her like i did with my son..i drank castor oil with him and it worked but i would rather do something that doesnt cause a mess!

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by lisa1905, Mar 12, 2012
before u know it , she will be in ur arms , times will fly . wish u have an easy and fast labor . :)

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