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Found my birth mom

Mar 12, 2012 - 0 comments

I finally tracked down my birth mom and was able to get answers to my questions, I found out why my brothers and I where given up and i'm satisfied with the reasons, and I got back ground medical history for my birth family.
I found out that whenever she was pregnant she would have sezurs......I can't seem to find answers as to why a woman would have that and only while pregnant. when she was pregnant with me she was to scared to get prenatal care (she was 14 when she gave birth to my brother and I was born 18 months later) she guessed my due date, she was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions and she thought I was overdue.
She went to the hospital to find out if I was late, they monitored me and said that everytime she had a BH my heart would stop? I can't find info on that either, they induced her and I was born around dinner time that day and I was fine. No problems.
I had paricarditis last year and my heart hasn't been the same since,
I found out that my dad died of kidney failure possibly due to colon cancer, one of my grandfathers died of cancer (I don't know what kind)my other grandfather died of a combination of heart disease and heat stroke, my grandmother died from an anurism in her brain, my mother had HPV and ended up with cervical cancer, I had HPV in 07 and have had a pap every year since then and they all came back clear, i'm having another one run right now i'll have the results sometime this week I think. I'm glad that I know what to look for as I get older but I think it's more terrifying now that I know what I'm at risk for.

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