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32 Week Scan, yikes, lol!  :)

Mar 14, 2012 - 0 comments

32 weeks












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Well, I am absolutely, bone, dog, tired.  No energy whatsoever :(   And am getting really, really, really fed up!!!.........

BP is higher than usual - 120/78 - not high, but high for me.

Also, a little protein in urine, which has been on and off for months now.

I had my 32 week scan today, and baby is measuring above average - legs are sooooo long, lol!

Because of the meds I am on, I was told the baby could have a low birth weight, but I was told today, they estimate my baby to weigh 5lbs 1oz already!!


So, even if he puts the minimum of 1/2 pound on per week, he's going to be around 8.5 pounds when born, but he's growing FAST, and I mean FAST, so he'll probably weight more than that....and here was me worrying all the clothes we've bought are size 0-3 months and not newborn - At this rate, he'll be straight in to the 0-3 months clothes, and I doubt they'll fit him for long!

He is also breech, has been for a while, and for the first time (in all the scans I've had), there's too much water around him, so now I have to go for a test for Gestational Diabetes - Please don't let me have that too, I've not had an easy pregnancy by any means.....please please please don't let me have that too! :(

So, it looks like a c-section for me.  Which doesn't bother me, as long as baby is ok.  I have to go back to the hospital tomo to discuss a birth plan (pain in the a*s! - Parking is terrible there!).  I am having a c-section unless I present in "advanced" labour - anything less, and a c-section it is.
With the size of him, that's probably going to be a good thing, lol!

Am under strict orders to do light duties only from now on too, so either hubby does the cleaning, or I get a cleaner in - Can't do it - I've been told by the Consultant, lol!  
At least I can put my feet up for the next 7 weeks of pregnancy, and then for the 6 weeks after the c-section = 13 weeks of relaxing, bliss!

And I need it, I've never felt so tired, worn out, and low in my life!  All I want is to feel happy, and I am, but can't shake these low emotional moods, which I think are directly related to how worn out I feel.

Oh well, feet up time!......

Our little Angel :o)
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