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Mar 15, 2012 - 4 comments

Why are my cravings getting more frequent.

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by LeaAnn807, Mar 16, 2012
Hey, honey, cravings come and go.  The first six months or a year sometimes they get REALLY intense.  So much that it's bigtime relapse potential.  What are you doing for support?  You have to have that to get thru it.  You need people to call and a place to go and talk about it and get it out!  That's the only way to stop them or at least deal with them in a positive way and not use to get them off your back.  

Good luck!  Definitely think about what I'm saying!

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by zoea, Mar 16, 2012
Hi. This forum is the only support. But Im trying my best. I've got u all lol.

Zoe x

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by Littlelegs2003, Apr 11, 2012
My cravings suddenly came back with a vengeance around two weeks. It was like once the detox had finished, my brain suddenly wanted to go back to its version of "normal" - as if the virus had past and now it was time for pills again! They ease off again & then just come & go. Try to find something else to do when they hit, and eventually they've passed. Good luck!

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by cassi03, Apr 23, 2012
Cravings are a state of mind built by the devil.  They suck and are hell to get through.  Start to read a recovery book, go to an NA meeting, they really do help or get busy but do not let the craving sit in your mind and whirl around it is very strong and sometimes we just need relief from it so the most easiest way is to use but then where are you?  They will pass technically they are only supposed to last 30 seconds.  I think about using a lot cause it made me feel better, temporarily.  The whole thing *****!  I have been sober 8 months but it sometimes feels like 1 day.  Recovery is a job in and of itself.  Write to me when you get a craving and I'll talk you through it.

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