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Good Day So Far

Mar 24, 2012 - 0 comments

prescription addiction



Well, I managed a 3 mile walk this morning. And 40 sit-ups. Healthier eating is going ok too. Still kind of using laxatives due to my problems that led me to quit the pills - soooo nervous that the constipation returns. But, maybe weaning myself off the laxatives wouldn't be a bad thing... The pain those days was just excrutiating!

Meeting a friend for a coffee this afternoon (so couldn't have a nap even if I wanted one!). But, he's bringing his ex-boyfriend so can't really have an in-depth chat.

I dunno - I just feel a bit isolated. None of my friends have ever even had to give up smoking. They all still drink (but depressingly responsibly) I just don't feel like anyone gets it. They all supported me with quitting drinking, but now - it's like I bore them. I mean, I get it to a point - they all have actual lives (which, of course, I don't - having been too busy drinking then popping pills) and maybe its just the self-centred addict in me that's craving attention and drama and to be at the centre of everything, but I kinda feel that no-one really cares. Almost like - I might as well keep popping the pills, no-one's live will be irrevocably altered if I fade away anyway.

Well, there's a train of thought I don't wish to go down!!!!

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